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'The Order Of Things'
(Razor & Tie)
Release Date: 23rd February 2015

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland

all that remains

Massachusetts Metallers All That Remains have been working hard on creating a following since their formation in 2000. Yes it takes a long time to get noticed in this age of splintered genres and multiple media outlets!

Starting off with a style akin to death Metal with melody they have flirted with Metalcore but over their six album career to date have developed a more radio friendly melodic style of modern Metal while retaining some of their earlier influences. Some more hardcore Metal fans may mutter sell out but others talk of progression and the band themselves are happy to include different styles on their records and leave it up to the listener to decide.

Seventh release 'The Order Of Things' has plenty of melodic radio friendly metal to offer such as the anthemic album opener 'This Probably Won't End Well'. 'Divide' hits all the right notes as meaningful angst ridden Metal and 'For You' is actually a surprisingly impressive run through of the lighters in the air, modern Metal take on the power ballad. It might well rank as the best song here.

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The band's heavier Metalcore style leanings can be found on the super down tuned 'No Knock' with singer Phil Labonte in full rage and growl mode but as often as not they're happy to mix the two styles which works very well on the likes of 'The Greatest Generation' and 'Flat Empire'.

All That Remains are a difficult band to pigeonhole on this evidence which should be applauded and is probably exactly how they like it. Personally I think 'The Order Of Things' has a few very impressive songs, some great playing and singing and much to commend it. Purely through personal taste I found when they resorted to really downt uned guitars and growling vocals it was a distraction from what I liked about the album which maybe shows that it's not easy to please all the people all the time.

all that remains

I also have some reservations about vocalist and self proclaimed bad guy Phil Labonte raising his use of the word faggot as an insult in the past in a magazine interview close to the release of this album. It comes across as either cynical "look how outrageous I am" PR for the album release or someone trying and failing to defend the indefensible. Either way I think it detracts from an album which has much going for it which is a shame.

Line up:
Philip Labonte – lead vocals
Oli Herbert – lead guitar
Mike Martin – rhythm guitar
Jeanne Sagan – bass guitar, backing vocals
Jason Costa – drums




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