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Release Date: 6th March 2015

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland


Portuguese gothic Metallers Moonspell aren't too well known in the UK, which is a shame. They have been purveying their dark outlook on Metal since 1992 and have become so successful in their native land that they've had a number one album and even had a stamp made from one of their album covers.

A popular act elsewhere in mainland Europe, 'Extinct' is their eleventh full length release and it is obvious from note one that they certainly haven't run out of ideas. In fact they are brimming with them.

They have always been unafraid to experiment with their basic style and this shines through here. The song writing is very strong and it sounds like the songs were allowed to develop naturally and not shoehorned into a particular style so there is a lot of variety to enjoy.

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'A Dying Breed' starts off almost in doomy My Dying Bride territory before ending up in a Sisters Of Mercy kind of groove thing but with roaring Metal growls on the chorus. In contrast album opener 'Breathe (Until We Are No More)' has more of a Type O Negative meets Him kind of vibe added to a couple of killer riffs.

The title track has pagan power metal leanings allied to their talent for finding a chorus you can remember while 'Medulasem is a song Andew Eldritch and the Sisters Of Mercy would be proud of.


These are only some highlights of what is a cracking album and if I did a full track by track breakdown each would get a glowing review as there is not a bad track here. Despite the reference points and influences mentioned to give readers an idea of the variety of music on this album Moonspell are absolutely their own band with their own vibe twenty plus years in the making.

If you like your Metal with a dark edge but filled with memorable tunes then Moonspell and 'Extinct' are for you. Great playing, immense vocal performances and terrific songwriting. Highly recommended and let's hope this is the album that finally gets them some recognition in the UK.


Line up:
Fernando Ribeiro – vocals
Miguel Gaspar – drums
Pedro Paixão – keyboard, sampler, guitar
Ricardo Amorim – guitar
Aires Pereira – bass




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