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Release Date: 10th March 2015

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland

motor sister

Mother Superior were a stoner groove trio from LA who managed an eight album career and played as Henry Rollins' backing band for a time.

While not having the biggest profile in the world they did have a following and one big fan was Scott Ian from Anthrax. Now in the way that can only happen when you are a successful musician with a high profile the thrash Metal icon has not only got together with one of his favourite bands to play at his fiftieth birthday party but then been offered a record deal on the back of it.

Motor Sister are effectively Mother Superior plus Scott Ian and his wife Pearl Aday. 'Ride' is an album of Mother Superior covers.

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Metal Blade obviously thought the Anthrax connection would help to get the album noticed but musically this is a long way from thrash Metal. This is an album with a deliberate seventies style stoner groove going.

In modern terms you can hear sounds and styles which remind you of Monster Magnet or Wolfmother but this is all about getting into a dirty, guitar fueled groove and replanting roots laid down forty or fifty years ago by Humble Pie and Mountain.

On a groove and style level the album works really well. The guitar has just the right kind of distorted edge to it and the solos are sharp and focused. The rhythm section has a powerhouse vibe and adding in some nice harmony vocals here and there is a really nice touch and gives Motor Sister's sound a lighter touch at times.

The problem for me here is that despite Mr Ian's love for this band the songs aren't exactly outstanding. Opening track 'A Hole' is a fine slice of energetic stoner rock and 'Whore' belies its' title with a a great riff carried along on harmonies and some fine shuffling drum vibes. However after a few listens they are the only songs that really stand out for me so far.

Scott Ian has always come over as a really nice guy and I hesitate to use the phrase "vanity project" for this album but it has to be said that without his involvement this album simply wouldn't exist.

Of course he is simply embracing an opportunity that Metal Blade gave him and I'm sure the guys from Mother Superior are grateful for the opportunity. However while this album does have a great feel for that seventies stoner groove the songs just don't stand out enough for me.

Of course if you like that vibe enough or if you think that this kind of music works best growing on you over time then give this album a listen, it is certainly good enough to warrant being given a chance.

Line Up:
Jim Wilson (vocals, guitar)
Scott Ian (guitar)
Joey Vera (bass)
John Tempesta (drums)
Pearl Aday (vocals)




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