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'Luctor Et Emergo'
Release Date: 20th March 2015

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland


For a scene which is looked on by many as the domain of the dinosaur there are a remarkable amount of exciting young prog bands around. Lesoir are a case in point.

This five piece from the Netherlands (don't let the name confuse you) have been quietly honing their skills since 2010 and have made a series of bold moves from enlisting the support and skills of producer John Cornfield (Muse, Oasis, Supergrass) to embarking on a three week tour of China.

'Luctor Et Emergo' means "struggle to emerge" and I'm sure Lesoir have had the same issues to confront as any new band in this uncertain music business world. However there is no sign of struggle to my ears as despite some dark and complex material this, their third album is a mature yet immediate piece of work.

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If you are the kind of music fan who loves to trawl through lyrics and figure out what it all means then singer Maartje Meesen's musings on the meaning of life and its tensions and complexities will give you many happy hours. Despite the album title all the songs are sung in English so no problems for linguistically challenged Brits either.

Musically Lesoir are refreshingly hard to pigeonhole. There are elements here you could describe as rock, folk, grunge, Metal, even jazz; I guess that's why it's easier to label them as progressive rock. I suppose they could be described as falling somewhere inbetween the heavy dark complexities of Tool and the lighter folk tinged sounds of Mostly Autumn but that is just a rough guide.


If you check out 'Going Home' (video below) you will hear a spooky atmospheric start turn into a song full of harmony harnessed to real power, an exhilarating mix. The title track on the other hand has a much more folky tinged vibe yet still retains a dark edge which means it never slips into feeling bland or mellow and has a melancholy feel.

The playing from all the band is superb throughout and John Cornfield deserves great credit for his production here, everything is clear and precise and all the band have room to breathe and develop the songs to their full potential. Meesen's vocals are sweet and melodic yet tinged with longing and mystery adding a real atmosphere to the proceedings.

This is a very impressive album all round maybe just lacking another couple of totally killer songs but there is nothing here not worth a listen for any fan of powerful, progressive rock related music.

Line up:
Maartje Meessen
Ingo Dassen
Eleen Bartholomeus
Ingo Jetten
Bob van Heumen




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