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Release Date: 23rd March 2015

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland

fateful finality

German thrash Metallers Fateful Finality have done very well for themselves since their inception in 2007. They have not only managed to win a hotly contested Battle Of The Bands competition with the prize of playing at Wacken Open Air but they have also managed to stand out enough from the crowd to sign a worldwide deal with Steamhammer records.

'Battery' is only their second album but you can see why they have got noticed as they are a very mature sounding band. One of the attributes which makes them stand out is their use of a twin vocal strategy. Like the more progressive Metal orientated Scar Symmetry they have one growling vocalist and one dong what they call clean vocals. I have to say in their case the clean vocals are pretty raw sounding but it is effective nonetheless.

Their other claim to fame is that they have managed to take a lot of old school thrash inflluences but make them sound modern and fresh. Imagine if Exodus or Testament added a bit of Lamb Of God style groove to their sound and you get the idea. This is not an easy thing to pull off but they have somehow managed it.

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All this is well and good but personally whether I like a thrash style metal band is all down to song writing and specifically riffs. If the riffs are good enough and the songs put together well enough then all else follows behind and I'm pleased to say that for comparatively young guys they seem to really get this.

You would expect a band on a well known label like this to be tight and together but the songs all have a fully formed feeling. The riffs are great and they add some nice lead guitar lines, all the appropriate double bass drum power and those varied vocals to make some genuinely impressive metal. 'Unchained' is a favourite of mine adding some Slayer like riffing to Machine Head like precision to make a really memorable tune.

fateful finality

Slayer comparisons came up a lot in my head when I listened to the album but I don't think showing an influence is all that bad a thing, especially when you are as capable as these guys are at adding their own style and flavour to the classic thrash Metal sound.

The production on the is top notch, the guitars sound meaty and powerful and the rhythm section have all the necessary kick to drive things along. Despite all the promise here I think Fateful Finality haven't produced a classic thrash album but it's a pretty damn good effort and if they can take the already very competent songwriting up another notch they could come up with something really special. Meantime give them a listen, you won't regret it.

Simon Schwarzer - guitar, vocals
Patrick Prochiner - guitar, vocals
Philipp Murder - bass
Mischa Wittek - drums




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