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'The Quiet Monster'
Release Date: 30th March 2015

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland


There are a myriad of sub-genres in Metal these days, power Metal, black Metal, battle Metal and on and on. German five piece Gloomball are out to make life difficult for anyone looking to find a Metal pigeonhole though as they don't fit into any specific Metal stereotype.

'The Quiet Monster' is their second release, following up on a well received debut album 'The Distance' and during all the hard work and touring that went into promoting that album they seem to have been absorbing everything around them and mixing it all up in their own unique fashion.

For example the lively opening salvo of 'Monster' kicks off like a supercharged Godsmack, veers into Motorhead territory in some sections but adds in a catchy memorable chorus section that Papa Roach would love have written.

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Elsewhere 'Straight To Hell' marries some Machine Head style dirty, heavy riffing guitars with a driving modern sounding melodic Metal chorus section while 'Towards The Sun' has echoes of the sort of goth Metal Him used to write in their best days.

Even when doing straight ahead commercial sounding modern Metal rifferamas like 'Sirens (Die Alone)' or 'Unbreakable' they manage to sound immediate and relevant yet feel like a familiar old friend back with guitars in hand, ready to rip it up like the old days. Vocalist Alen Ljubic has been quoted as saying "There are no stylistic taboos in Gloomball" and I believe him!


It would be easy on a second album to try and consolidate on the success of the debut and stick to the varied but recognisable style the band have, however they have been brave and confident enough to stretch themselves and experiment with new styles. In 'Sullen Eyes' they downtune the guitars and give a dirty, groovy vibe to a song with doom Metal overtones but a big chorus and album closer 'Blue Is Turning Into Gray' is a hugely commercial and memorably brooding mix of Metal and electronica.

Stylistically Gloomball sound like a bit of a mish mash but that's just because of the limitations of writing about music. If you check out 'The Quiet Monster' you will hear that mixing all those influences with a terrific ability to write memorable songs and a well developed sense of dynamics and melody within Metal makes absolute perfect sense. This is a quality act with a real future. Let's just call them quality Metal.

Line up:
Alen Ljubic - Vocals
Björn Daigger - Guitars
Jossi Lenk - Guitars
Basti Moser - Bass
Danny Joe Hofmann - Drums




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