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(Scarlet Records)
Release Date: 30th March 2015

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland


Temperance are another one of what seems to be an explosion of female fronted symphonic Metal bands worldwide.

Hailing from Italy they have only been on the go since 2013 but are obviously keen to capitalise on the momentum created by their self-titled debut album in 2014 and are already here less than a year later with album number two.

Style wise Temperance are seemingly, on first listen, like a lot of other bands in what is now a crowded genre. They do the keyboard led symphonic Metal thing, have some meaty riffing added in and a strong female lead singer in Chiara Tricario backed up with clean and growling vocals from guitarist Marco Pastorino. Spending some time with the songs though reveals a bit more depth to them and some interesting extra touches here and there.

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'Oblivion' starts the album off in fine style with a choral intro and a nice electronica like keyboard hook before the band kick in with a heavy Epica style riff based song. 'Save Me' has more of the electronic additions but pounds along relentlessly before adding in a short, snappy chorus line while 'Save Me' strays into Delain style pop Metal territory before getting those guitars crunching again.

Unfortunately not all the songs have those little inventive touches to lift them out of the ordinary and the breathless 'Here And Now' and double bass drum propelled 'Side By Side' pass by without really registering anything to catch your interest.


The good here far outweighs the bad though and when you have the powerful guitar solo section of 'Burning' or the epic melodic Metal of 'Omega Point' roaring through your speakers then Temperance really hint at having something special to offer.

This is an interesting release then by a band with some promise and certainly of interest to anyone into the female fronted Metal scene. Whether Temperance have what it takes to get out of the hardcore scene around the genre and build an audience with more mainstream Metal fans remains to be seen.

Line up:
Chiara - Vocals
Marco - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Sandro - Rhythm Guitar
Luca - Bass
Giulio - Drums & Keys




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