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Bannerman's, Edinburgh
3rd April 2015

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland

dan reed

Both Danny Vaughn and Dan Reed flirted with the big time of rock in the distant past, Vaughn with Waysted and Tyketto, Reed with his Dan Reed Network band. While none of those situations ended up in stardom both have since carved out a small niche for themselves releasing and playing their self penned material for small but loyal fan bases around the world.

Despite their similarities they had never worked together before to my knowledge so it was a real surprise when they announced a joint UK acoustic tour although a very pleasant surprise indeed.

My expectation was that we would get individual sets possibly followed by a few tunes performed together but this show had a more original format with both musicians on stage together from the start. The plan was for them to have half a dozen tunes rehearsed to play together and aside from that to take turns telling stories and playing songs of their own.

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Tonight's show in the cosy confines of Bannermans was close to a sell out but unfortunately for the expectant crowd equipment problems stopped the show before it had got going. In the ten minutes it took to get things sorted out it was already obvious as the two Dans joked with each other and the crowd that there was chemistry and genuine respect between them.

Equipment issues solved, Reed launched into the old DRN song 'Baby Now I' with Vaughn on second guitar and backing vocals and already everyone knew they were in for a special night.

Both musicians here have a large back catalogue to choose from and changed around their part of the set list every night. Mr Reed featured songs from his new album 'Transmission' as well as a selection of songs from his solo and Network albums while Mr Vaughn had decided to offer via social media to play requests at specific shows so he really had to dig deep into the Tyketto and solo career vaults to keep his fans happy.

dan reed

When he was performing a heartfelt rendition of 'Soldiers And Sailors On Riverside' from his album of the same name in that clear, melodic voice of his you could see he was being watched with a sense of awe and a smile of appreciation from the other side of the stage as well as from the audience. That admiration was in evidence the other way round when Reed performed his new song 'What Dreams May Come'.

The duo weren't averse to making requests of their own either and Waysted's 'Black And Blue' got an airing at Dan Reed's request along with a story about the lyric and how it is definitely written by Vaughn about his own sister no matter what other Waysted band members say.

Both of these gentlemen have all the charisma and vocal ability to carry a show on their own but for me the highlights of the evening were when they combined their talents behind their best songs and created what can only be described as magic.

'Standing Alone' is a superb Tyketto song but with the surprising addition of a shared lead vocal sounded fresh and amazing. The Network tune 'Get To You' sounded hugely funky and groovy in acoustic form with two guitars and excellent harmonies added to it. Moving away from their own material Springsteen's 'My Hometown' sounded like a Reed original in this arrangement and their joint reworking of Dio's 'Holy Diver' took the Metal classic to a whole new sensitive place.

dan reed

Despite the intense heat in the packed venue the crowd lapped up every note and Tyketto classic 'Forever Young' prompted a joyous singalong as did last song 'Long Way To Go' which ended over two hours of great music in an emotional yet uplifting finale.

This was a simply superb evening of music from two talented and genuine performers. The singing and playing was faultless, the banter a joy and much of the material of truly excellent quality. Hopefully this won't be the last we see of these two guys performing together as quite frankly they put on the kind of show which makes you glad that you're alive and reaffirms your love of live music.

I haven't seen any youtube videos from Edinburgh but if you're wondering what it sounded like here's some good quality footage from Newcastle earlier in the tour.




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