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'Voice Of Rebellion'
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Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland

pro pain

New York hardcore veterans Pro-Pain sound like a bunch of angry dudes. Despite it being twenty four years since the band were formed by ex-Crumbsuckers man Gary Meskil and the fact that some of the band live in the gentler surroundings of Florida these days this their, fifteenth studio album finds them as furious with the state of the world as ever.

Pro-Pain have always been at the Metal end of the hardcore spectrum ever since their classic debut 'Foul Taste Of Freedom' all those years ago. The formula as such has never really wavered much since then. A big, brutal sound, muscular guitars, a rhythm section which wants to pound everything into submission and Meskil's distinctive angry growl railing at the world and all its troubles.

Despite the seeming limitations of such a format somehow these guys always manage to keep it sounding more interesting and authentic than formulaic. Maybe it's their songwriting nous, their nose for a how a good riff will work in a song or that they have a metallic groove which is hard to resist. All together it means they are always worth checking out.

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'Voice Of Rebellion' starts with a scream of "Die fuckers" and a thrash Metal intro to a title track which is typically, and even oustandingly pure Pro-Pain in style with it's slow/fast variations and angry strut. The rage continues with little let up right through the album until closing track 'Fuck This World'.

On the journey you can find a few variations from the norm. 'No Fly Zone' has a spoken intro, sound effects and an insistent one pace riff. 'Take It To The Grave' has some clean vocals mixed in (I almost fell off my seat when they kicked in). 'Crushed To Dust' has some big double bass drum beats with a sub-Pantera like riff over the top but overall this album is just simply Pro-Pain being Pro-Pain. There are no ballads here!

pro pain

On the first few listens I wasn't sure that this was as pin sharp a metallic hardcore album as their last release 'The Final Revolution' but in time it has grown on me to become just as irresistible a slice of relentlessly furious riffage from a veteran band who still have plenty of fire in their belly.

If you like your social conscience mixed up with riffs, your outrage to have a brutal groove attached then this is the band and the album for you.

Line up:
Gary Meskil - Vocals/Bass
Adam Phillips - Lead Guitar
Marshall Stephens - Rhythm Guitar
Jonas Sanders -Drums




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