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King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow
28th June 2015

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland

kobra and the lotus

Sometimes when you are a hard working band out on the road looking to build an audience the old-fashioned way by playing anywhere and everywhere things just don't go your way. So it seemed for Kobra & The Lotus who turned up at Glasgow's famous club venue King Tut's Wah Wah Hut to find AC/DC playing to a packed Hampden Park across the city and many of the city's fans of the underground Metal scene down the road at the Wildfire Festival.

The club was hardly buzzing then when the first of tonight's local support bands Splintered Halo hit the stage. This band are an alternative style Metal band, full of edgy riffs, jarring rhythms and songs filled with menace although they were not afraid to add a touch of melody here or there.

They were happy to take the edginess a stage or two further with their presentation as all the musicians in the band wore weird looking white masks and were named as Faceless Guitarist, Faceless Drummer etc by singer Evelyn.

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By design then the frontwoman is the only one without a mask and able to present a personality to the audience and she showed she has plenty of that. Perfectly at home up on stage Evelyn has plenty of sex appeal in the scantily clad look but so much attitude as she danced, sang and sometimes spat out the lyrics with an aggressive growl.

All that stage presentation was backed up by some pretty solid songs. I especially enjoyed the melodic Metal tinges mixed into 'Easier To Die' and the groovy bass overtones of 'Kill You'. I was disappointed to hear an announcement that two members were leaving as I think this is a band with a concept and the musical talent along with it to be worth watching in the future. I hope they have new Faceless musicians lined up!

kobra and the lotus

Following all that high concept stuff were Corrupt The System who as it turned out work in exactly the opposite way. They are a scruffy, jeans and t-shirts honest, down to earth thrash Mmetal band. No flash, no stage gimmicks, just a penchant for taking the sound of early Metallica and bending it into a vibe that suits their roots in 21st century Glasgow.

They started off at a volume which really overpowered the less than full room but despite that had an honest energy and not a few good riffs so soon drew everyone in to enjoy their set.

Frontman Neil Parkinson keeps it simple and the between songs chat is just come and enjoy us, hope you're looking forward to Kobra & The Lotus and nothing long winded to get in the way of the pounding rhythms and furiously riffing guitars.

kobra and the lotus

By the end of their set they had everyone banging their heads or clapping along and this was an impressive performance showing that thrash still has a future in this neck of the woods at least.

The local bands had brought their A game then so now it was up the headliners to show they had too, despite the lack of a big crowd to spur them on. It turned out that there was no problem on that front at all of course. Kobra & The Lotus are an experienced professional outfit and quite frankly they rose above everything around them and played a magnificent set of old school metal with some modern twists.

kobra and the lotus

Right from the opener, 'High Priestess', the band played like they were on the stage in front a stadium full of people and of course Kobra Paige shone like the star she is in front of it all.

She has an amazingly powerful voice and gave a masterclass in singing Metal soaring effortlessly over full on power Metal anthems like 'Warhorse and 'I Am, I Am' but sounding equally at home on the more mellow tones required for 'Hold On' or the epic Metal power balladry of 'Lost In The Shadows'.

kobra and the lotus

Her band are no slouches either and guitarists Jasio Kulakowski and Bill Hudson both got to shine in a classically based solo slot as well as throughout the huge Metal riiffery which was going on. Special mention has to be made too of drummer Adam Brown who's stunning double bass pedal work really drove the songs along.

Kobra Paige and her band are proud Canadians and with an upcoming EP of covers of classic Canadian rock tunes to promote the double bass drum fuelled Metal changed to some classic hard rock grooves for a fine cover of 'Sign Of The Gypsy Queen' done in tribute to the version April Wine did in the early 80s.

kobra and the lotus

It was a bit strange that they didn't also do 'Black Velvet' which has just been released in video form but maybe these energetic Canucks can only stay out of full on Metal mode for so long on stage!

Traditional set closer '50 Shades Of Evil' finished off the night in fine style and I have to say I was just blown away by Kobra and her superb band tonight. In the circumstances this was simply a total triumph of a gig from a band of real Metal quality. Metalheads of Glasgow, I beseech you to turn up next time these guys hit town. You won't regret a minute of it.

Line up:
Kobra Paige – Vocals
Jasio Kulakowski – Guitars
Brad Kennedy - Bass
Bill Hudson - Guest Guitars
Adam Brown - Guest Drummer




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