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Fire Palace, Leeuwarden, Holland
7th August 2015

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland


The nice folks that organise the Cityrock Festival in the heart of Leeuwarden in northern Holland have to shut down things in the arena by midnight or so but thoughtfully put a couple of bands on in a local club as an after party for those festival goers who haven't had enough beer and music yet.

I'm not sure I completely fitted into that category after a long day but I was keen to see the first band at the late night offering, progressive rockers Lesoir.

Despite their French name they are home grown Dutch talent slowly building a following and I really enjoyed their third full length album, 'Luctor Et Emergo', released earlier in the year. I was keen to check them out live but on arrival I wondered whether this was a good place to start.

They were squeezed onto the balcony of the club so half of the crowd would watch from the other side of the U shaped balcony and the other half from the bar underneath. Would Lesoir's intricate blend of progressive rock, folk and heavy guitar work in this weird set up in front of a bunch of tired and drunk festival goers?

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I was totally wrong to doubt them and the answer was a definite "yes". The band exuded a quiet confidence and played a tight and well received forty five minute set of quality, dynamic progressive rock.

Reminiscent at times of Dutch legends The Gathering's early material they are a tight unit happy to do the atmospheric rock thing, adding in extra percussion or flute where necessary or two huge sounding guitars if they need to.

The band as a whole had a relaxed but confident power to them but the jewel in the crown was the voice of Martje Meesen. Always beautifully on point she easily maintained her vocal as the focal point of the band and when the music required it unleashed notes of such power they seemed to rattle the PA.


This girl has some real vocal chops along with her keyboard and flute playing skills and a nice laid back, smiley, positive attitude which adds some personality to an already impressive band.

I wasn't too sure about how the set list was laid out with the magnificent 'Going Home' and 'Single-Eyed' almost thrown away early in the set but that is a small criticism. This was a superb live introduction for me to a band with some real star quality and powerful and atmospheric music to offer.

They pulled off this very unusual gig in great style and I look forward to seeing what they can do in more favourable circumstances.

Line up:
Maartje Meessen
Ingo Dassen
Eleen Bartholomeus
Ingo Jetten
Bob van Heumen




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