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'Beth Out Of Hell'
Release Date: 21st August 2015

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland

the murder of my sweet

Swedes The Murder Of My Sweet describe themselves as cinematic Metal inspired by movie scores, film noir storytelling and bands like Queen, ELO and Genesis. Cinematic Metal is a term I have heard before (from Finland's Dark Sarah for one) and basically seems to mean taking rock and Metal styles, adding sweeping orchestration and being as grandiose as possible both musically and in terms of storytelling.

'Beth Out Of Hell' is their third release and the title gives away their biggest influence not mentioned up until now. This is an album Jim Steinman would have been proud to make! It doesn't sound exactly like 'Bat Out Of Hell', far from it as there is a modern Metal edge to it, but the sounds, the production, the sheer bombast of it is definitely reminiscent of Steinman era Meat Loaf.

Vocalist Angelica Rylin is the traditional, powerful, full throated kind of rock singer favoured in Steinman's epic Pandora's Box project and she fits this kind of music perfectly.

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While these are influences for the band this is not entirely a throwback, retro kind of sound. The way Daniel Flores uses the bass drum kick pedals in 'Still' gives it a totally modern feel while 'Euthanasia' has some modern sounding electronic effects before it builds and builds into an epic finale.

Epic is of course the idea here. This a concept album telling a story which as far as I can make out is about the devil's daughter falling in love with an angel and the inevitable chaos that is the result. As love stories go 'Romeo And Juliet' was a picnic compared to this! When they are singing the track 'World In Ashes' it's not allegorical in the story and the loping rhythms and poetic vibe of 'Heaven Succumb' hide a very dark lyrical edge within.

Inevitably the climax to the album has to be an epic eleven minute tune and 'Means To An End' is a fine example of how to make that kind of song work. You could even call it a kind of progressive rock opus with its' twists and turns and changes in rhythm and style. Ryan's vocals soar over it all and mixing with male vocals(present on a few songs but uncredited on my copy)carry the song and the album to a suitably emotionally overwrought climax.

There is a lot to take in with this album and I have to say I haven't been able to give it all the attention it deserves before writing this review so there will be more to come I'm sure over the next few weeks. I can already say however that 'Beth Out Of Hell' is a fine album, something that anyone who likes their rock and Metal to sound epic but with a traditional edge will enjoy.

More of everything is the mantra here; more guitars, more strings, more emotional vocals but the important thing is that the songs and the use of those over the top dynamics to make them work are there too. Tell Mr Steinman he can retire, the future is assured.

Line up:
Angelica Rylin: lead and background vocals
Daniel Flores: drums, keyboards
Christopher Vetter: guitars
Patrik Janson: bass guitar




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