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'Under The Neon'
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Ian Sutherland
ian sutherland

demons eye

German band Demon's Eye could rightfully claim to be the top Deep Purple tribute band around having played with Ian Paice and the late, great Jon Lord in the past not to mention getting Roger Glover to create the band logo.

The seal of approval is there from the originals then and having ex-Rainbow man Doogie White as one of their rotating stable of singers increases their credibility no end too. This helped them take the brave step to start writing and recording original material and even include some of it in their live shows and after the success of their first album of originals 'The Stranger Within' in 2011 here we have the follow up 'Under The Neon'.

Veteran Scots frontman White is one of the hardest working singers in rock with an impressive CV including time not only with Rainbow but Yngwie Malmsteen and a ton of bands and projects from Praying Mantis and Cornerstone to Tank.

He is currently fronting Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock and it's a sign of how important he is to this album that the recording was worked around his schedule.

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The musicians here are all stellar and while deliberately harking back to that classic Purple/Rainbow sound it all sounds authentic and not forced. It's the vocals that raise the album up a level though. Those veteran pipes still know how to blow and fit the tone of the album perfectly.

There are of course echoes and references of Purple all over this album, particularly in the Blackmore-esque guitar work of Mark Zyk and the Hammond organ stylings of Gert-Jan Naus but there are other classic rock influences at play as well.

'Five Knuckle Shuffle' has shades of classic Uriah Heep about it while 'Welcome To My World' has a definite Dio-era Rainbow sheen.

The overall song writing is very good quality and this album is a very, very far cry from just re-writing the classics which is sometimes what happens when tribute bands start writing their own stuff.

'Finest Moment' is an excellent down on your luck blues rock storytelling number and 'The Messenger' is a lively mix of a 'Strange Kind Of Woman' style guitar mid-section with slow building atmospherics featuring great singing from White on the sensitive parts and big chorus.

If you are a huge Purple/Rainbow fan like me it is possible to approach this album with trepidation, after all won't it just be a pale imitation of the real thing? The answer to that thankfully is no, this is an album harking back to the days of yore and past glories true enough but the playing and singing is excellent and above all the songs do the style of the album justice.

In tone I guess it lies somewhere in between the Dio and White eras of Rainbow and 'Perfect Strangers' era Purple but it actually stands on its own as an enjoyable old school heavy rock album.

The next time someone says to you that they don't make rock albums like they used to point them towards this and they'll get a surprise.

Line up:
Doogie White – Vocals
Mark Zyk – Guitars
Gert-Jan Naus – Organ & Keyboards
Andree Schneider – Drums
Maik Keller – Bass




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