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'For The Greater Good'
(AOR Heaven)
Release Date: 30th November 2015

Ian Sutherland
ian sutherland


Swedish rockers Saffire are a shining example showing that music is timeless and crosses generations. Formed in 2005 by guitarist Victor Olsson and keyboard player Dino Zuzic when they were still at school, their sound is based on the classic melodic hard rock and Metal traditions of the seventies and eighties but with some modern tweaks and twists.

The debut album 'From Ashes To Fire' in 2013 was well received and now it's time for the follow up. 'From Ashes To Fire' very much leaned towards the Melodic Metal side of things and was full of some pretty chunky riff based tunes with only the occasional slower, power ballad kind of detour along the way.

'For The Greater Good' certainly has plenty of riff driven stuff to offer such as album opener 'The Great Escape' and the chugging twists of the title track but there is much more subtlety about the song writing and arrangements.

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There is just a little less focus on the Metal side of things and more on the songs, giving the musicians room to breathe and show off their talents while still making sure the song is the main thing.

There are beautifully restrained sections in the likes of 'Heartless' with some really atmospheric keyboard touches while the guitarwork in the epic yet melodic 'As Promises Burn' is really expressive and emotional.

The latter certainly shows the band adding modern twists to their melodic hard rock roots and 'This Is Not The End' is another song with twenty first century edges.

Lovers of the first album should not worry though as there is plenty of homage to the traditional riffing melodic hard rock too. 'Shadowland' positively bounds along on not one but two riffs but with plenty of light and shade mixed in to make it more complex and interesting.


'Blame It On The Rain' has all that too combined with twirling hook lines and a belt it out chorus to boot while 'Caster Of The First Stone' adds a catchy chorus and top notch vocals from Tobias Janssen to a classic sounding Metal riff.

Saffire are a comparatively young band playing this kind of music but with this sophomore release they have matured as a band and put together an album of real quality. The playing and singing is top notch but most importantly in a genre where too many bands play it safe and end up all sounding alike, they have taken some chances and it has paid off handsomely.

The song writing has expanded past just riffs and harmonies and there is much to enjoy here for any lover of riffing hard rock and Melodic Metal.

Line up:
Tobias Jansson – Vocals
Victor Olsson – Guitars
Anton Roos – Drums
Dino Zuzic – Keyboards
Magnus Carlsson – Bass

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