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Bannermans, Edinburgh
Wednesday 25th November 2015

Ian Sutherland
ian sutherland

beasto blanco

Chuck Garric may currently be best known as the bass player in Alice Cooper's band but as the singer/guitarist/mastermind of his side project Beasto Blanco he is making a few waves of his own.

The debut album 'Live Fast Die Loud' impressed with its sub White Zombie dirty rock and roll groove and having Cooper's daughter Calico along for the ride certainly raised the profile of the band and the intensity of the live shows.

With a follow up album already recorded and waiting to go the band are on a short European tour and they must really have enjoyed their visit to the cosy confines of Bannermans in Edinburgh last time as this is their only UK date of the trek, sandwiched in between shows in Norway and Switzerland.

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Taking to the stage to the sound of their spaghetti western-style intro the band are soon straight into that subterranean groovy intensity they do so well.

Jan LeGrow and Tim Husung are a fine meaty rhythm section and the beefy, buzzing guitars of Brother Latham and Garric are the perfect compliment. The main man himself freed from the shackles of being a side man is an impressive performer, charismatic and confident as he sings in a style full of rock and roll grit.

beasto blanco

The music is great and the vibe in the hall matches it but there are a few murmurs at the lack of Calico Cooper on the stage until a few songs in she appears in the inevitable leather onesie and with a hood obscuring her face. Every Cooper likes to make an entrance apparently!

It is noticeable how the energy level goes up with her entrance and she is soon adding her theatrical touch to proceedings, threatening Garric while he is dressed in a Mexican wrestler style mask in 'Motorqueen' and doing a duet with him on 'No More Man' which was a bit like a horror film version of Meat Loaf's 'Paradise By The Dashboard Light’.

beasto blanco

There are some new songs included in the set but they are blasted out with little fanfare or introduction so all I can say is that I picked up titles like 'Grind' and Death Rattle' and they sounded like more of the same deep and murky rock and roll groove contained in the debut and personally I am fine with that.

The songs from 'Live Fast Die Loud' like the title track and 'Beg To Differ' were greeted like old friends and that dirty groove of the band was almost irresistible until after around forty five minutes or so we got the surprise announcement that 'Breakdown' was going to be the last song of the evening.

beasto blanco

It was a very, very fine last song with its buzzing motorbiking riff and insistent rhythms, the band at full tilt and Calico Cooper getting ever more manic waving her spiked baseball bat around like a conductor with a baton.

Despite the rapturous response from the crowd after a climactic ending no encore was forthcoming and that was all she wrote for the evening.

This was an excellent gig by a terrific old fashioned rock and roll band with good songs, real style and two very charismatic performers up front. I wasn't the only one disappointed by the short length of the set but there may have been reasons for cutting it short I'm not aware of.

What we did get was a lot of hot and sweaty fun and I am really looking forward to album number two and the next tour.

beasto blanco

Line up:
Chuck Garric (Vocals, Guitar)
Calico Cooper (Vocals, Theatrics)
Brother Latham (Lead Guitar)
Jan LeGrow (Bass Guitar, Background Vocals)
Tim Husung (Drums, Background Vocals)
beasto blanco

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