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Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh
Saturday 12th December 2015

Ian Sutherland
ian sutherland


Mark Tremonti has been one of the driving forces behind Creed and Alter Bridge both in terms of song writing and with his distinctive guitar sound.

Despite the huge success of both those bands he is obviously hungry to get even more involved in a project and has been fronting a band under his own name too, taking lead vocal duties as well.

Edinburgh's Liquid Rooms is not the kind of enormodomes his other bands play but is packed to its 700 capacity. The crowd have put up with extra security checks on the way in meaning many missed one or both of the support acts so are keen for the show to get going.

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The band launch into the title track from second album 'Cauterize' to open proceedings and it is a full frontal heavy riffing assault on the senses.

On album Tremonti are heavy but tuneful with that distinctive sub-grunge edge and topped by Mr Tremonti's ever improving strong melodic vocals. Live they seem to want the accent to be on the heaviness and intensity.

The band are tight and together despite the fact regular bass player Wolfgang Van Halen hasn't made the trip. Stand in Tanner Keegan does a fine job in his stead but the relentless pace of the set allows little time for any personality to come over.


Each song is spat out at full volume with little break in between and while an audience of obviously hard core fans seems to be loving it I find that the musicality in many of the fine songs they have is lost in the volume.

Even the moody, melancholy vibe that makes 'Dark Trip' a standout track on album is soon lost in a wall of volume and heavy riffing.

After ninety minutes of ear splitting intensity the gig is over, no encores, no nonsense. Most of the crowd seemed to like the show but I was a little disappointed as with a little less attitude, aggression and even sheer volume and a little more care I would have appreciated the songs more.

Tremonti certainly made a statement about any future direction though. It's going to be heavy!

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