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Tony Conley

ritchie kotzen

He wouldn't say no to Jimmy Page. If Jimmy called Richie to make a new record, Mr Kotzen would report for duty...

Richie Kotzen has just released 'Cannibals', his twentieth solo album, and it's another great example of the man's incredible musicianship.

This is a more adventurous, funky, and personal release than his recent work with last year's biggest new band, The Winery Dogs, with whom he has recently been busy writing for their second album.

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I had a chance to chat with Richie about this album, his work with The Winery Dogs, his writing and creative processes, how the wholesale changes in the music business has actually helped artists like himself, his influences and inspirations, his exciting new multi-effects unit that he's partnered with Tech 21 to develop (Tech 21 RK5 Fly Rig), and how he's ended up being a Marshall amp guy again.



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