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'Eyes Wide Open' (EP)
(Deadlight Entertainment)
Out Now

Luke 'Loki' Milne

Luke Loki Milne


'Eyes Wide Open' is the two-track EP release from Denmark's four-piece Rock act IAmFire, a band that describe themselves as "psychedelic mindblowing rock in its heaviest, most life-affirming and trippiest form".

Content stands at roughly thirteen minutes of audio, so it's a real "blink and you'll miss it" release from the band. Thankfully, what is presented here is something that is truly quite impressive.

Fronted by Peter Dolving (previously of The Haunted), 'Eyes Wide Open' instantly screams out to the inner Tool fan in me. It's certainly fair to say that there are a number of notable similarities between the strained, deliberated vocals of Tool frontman Maynard Keenan and the presentation offered up by Dolving, and you'd be forgiven for mistakenly thinking you'd picked up a copy of 'Ænima'.

This isn't a negative point by any stretch of the imagination, as the varying shifts in vocal style and delivery weave an interesting melodic tapestry atop the colourful background provided by his bandmates.

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The healthy dose of thick and muddied distortion and captivating progressive nature in Peter Ahlers Olsen's guitar work create a dark and almost sexual atmosphere. Coupled with fluid bass guitar (Mikael Ehlert) and creative rhythms from drummer Ulf Scott Hansen, 'Eyes Wide Open' forces its way through the air with honestly satisfying results.

IamFire serve up a well-paced and deliberate seven-minute excursion into a progressive, twisting rock song that maintains originality while clearly taking inspiration from successful acts within the Psychedelic Rock genre. The EP's B-side track, 'Burn Your Halo Red', continues this dark and twisted theme, kicking the pace up a notch to show a slightly more invigorated dimension to the band.

Some may view IAmFire's EP release as an attempt to come across as a Tool clone – it certainly crossed my mind at least once during playthrough - but with only two tracks to choose from (and both pretty well separated in style), I'd suggest that you might be jumping to conclusions.

Like I said, it's a real "blink and you'll miss it" release, but IamFire's recent EP release delivers a teaser-trailer that merely hints to something much, much bigger and more exciting. Here's one that's well worth picking up and keeping an eye on, especially for fans of a more sombre and progressive atmosphere to their music.

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