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'Ten Years Of Pussy'
Out Now

Brian Boyle

brian boyle

nashville pussy

The band who define the term "Bad Ass" release a compilation highlighting the best studio moments of the past ten years.

In case you think I'm reviewing an x-rated country and western themed movie, think again. This is Atlanta's Nashville Pussy, one of the meanest rock n' roll bands on Planet Earth. How mean, you may ask? Well put it this way, it's not very often you come across a band who make Motorhead look wholesome.

Formed in 1997, the four piece, led by husband and wife duo Blaine Cartright (guitar & vocals) and Ruyter Suys (guitar), have been recruiting a steady army of followers over the years, but to a lot of people, they still remain an unknown quantity. This collection focuses purely on their time under the Steamhammer/SPV label with the albums 'Get Some' (2005), 'From Hell To Texas' (2009) and 'Up The Dosage' (2014). So for novices of the band it serves as a bruising introduction to one of music's dirtiest and best kept secrets.

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The barbarity opens with 2005s 'Come On Come On', a 110% ballsy rock n' roll song, laced with enough attitude to shock Axl Rose. Followed by the brilliantly titled 'Rub It To Death', which can only be described as Metal with rockabilly in a headlock.

Canadian rocker and former touring partner of Pussy, Danko Jones chips in on 'I'm So High', which believe it or not is one of the most sedate songs on the album. And just to give you the heads up early, if you think you'll be sitting back, tapping your knee and sipping Earl Grey from a china cup, you won't. In fact you're more likely to snarl like a freshly neutered Rottweiler, spit at your mother in law or beat up a charity worker.

nashville pussy

Songs like 'Going Down Swinging', 'Hate And Whiskey' and the filth fest that is 'Pussy Time' just encourage antisocial shenanigans. This lot just say it as it is and sound like their having a damn fine time doing it.

One thing you can't accuse Nashville Pussy of is taking themselves seriously. The black-hearted humour of ''Til The Meat Falls Off The Bone' is thoroughly encased in the band's DNA.

Cartwright and Suys may be joined together in the sanctity of marriage, but it's their compatibility as musicians that are all over this album. Their respective performances on 'Pillbilly', complete with its cutting riffs and thumping rhythm, show off a genuine rock n' roll union. Although songs like 'Why Why Why' and 'Up The Dosage' are just under five minutes long between them, and may sound like they were written in half that time, their incessant hard edged boogie feel is instantly addictive.

As collaborations go, their coming together with Lemmy on 'Lazy Jesus' is a monumental balls up. The few lines that the Metal legend gets to sing sound like they were recorded on speaker mode while in transit. What started with some good old bluegrass vibes quickly loses its appeal and becomes a good old bore.

Normality is quickly resumed on 'Ain't Your Business' and 'Good Night For A Heart Attack', two songs that are fairly predictable but still leave one hell of an impression. The blues smeared 'Stone Cold Down' closes what is a thoroughly exhausting but exhilarating collection of songs.

But we're not done yet, a six track bonus CD, 'Live In Nottingham', gives you a brief insight into the band's ever growing live reputation. A ragged and loose 'One Way Down' gets you in the mood straight away, which is followed by a bizarre and comical version of 'Nutbush City Limits', with a buoyant Cartwright right in his element. His interaction with his audience is that of a man whose studio persona is dwarfed by his high octane live delivery.

I have to say, it's hard not to picture Nashville Pussy singing these songs behind a fence of chicken wire with the places raining broken beer bottles. 'Late Great USA' and 'Go Motherfucker Go' would virtually encourage you to throw something or someone.

Closer, 'You're Goin Down' hits the crowd like a size 12 Southern kick to the ribs, a relentless five minutes of mayhem leaving you in absolutely no doubt of Nashville Pussy's live prowess.

Let's face it, this band will probably never appear at the Royal Variety Performance and will more than likely never receive an Ivor Novello award either. You could accuse them of being a one trick pony, but they know their limitations. Their music is ragged, and in some cases lacks imagination, but they're flamboyant in their honesty and if they ride into a town near you be sure to check them out, but bring a weapon just in case.

Come On Come On
Rub It To Death
I'm So High (with Danko Jones)
Going Down Swinging
Before The Drugs Wear Off
Hate And Whisky
The South's Too Fat To Rise Again
Pussy Time
Til The Meat Falls Off The Bone
Why Why Why
Up The Dosage
Lazy Jesus (with Lemmy)
Ain't Your Business
Good Night For A Heart Attack
Stone Cold Down

CD2 - Bonus 'Live In Nottingham'
One Way Down
Nutbush City Limits (with Ron Heathman)
Struttin Cock
Late Great USA
Go Motherfucker Go
You're Goin Down

Nashville Pussy are:
Blaine Cartwright-Guitars, Vocals
Ruyter Suys-Guitars
Bonnie Buitrago-Bass
Jeremy Thompson-Drums

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