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Release Date: 21st August 2015

Brian Boyle

brian boyle

lynch mob

Fresh from the brilliant Sweet & Lynch project, ex Dokken axe slinger George Lynch regroups Lynch Mob for a new album, 25 years after the release of their debut, 'Wicked Sensation'.

Despite being one of the most influential greatest guitarists to emerge from the 80s rock period, George Lynch is unfortunately just as well known for his legendary feud with former band mate Don Dokken. The pair, who helped pen hair Metal classics like 'Breaking The Chains' and 'Tooth And Nail', have over the years had more falling outs than JR and Sue Ellen. But with Lynch Mob the man from Auburn, California has the last word. Formed after his first departure from Dokken in 1989, the band has always been a virtual revolving door as regards personnel.

Latest release, the Chris "The Wizard@ Collier produced 'Rebel', sees Lynch assemble a damn impressive line up. Along with maintaining the services of vocalist Oni Logan, he also calls on the powerhouse and ever reliable tub thumper Brian Tichy and former Dokken buddy Jeff Pilson on bass, to make for one mouth watering rhythm section.

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As opening tracks go, the dark and moody 'Automatic Fix' and the anti climatic 'Between The Truth And The Lie' are a tad pedestrian. Although solid songs, they don't exactly get the blood flowing. It's the captivating 'Testify' that gets this record properly rolling. This blues coated gem with its smoky sluggish rhythm immediately draws you in. A song ready made for flooring it up the highway, the sinister vibes of 'Sanctuary', twinned with some Lynch magic makes for a delicious chilling cocktail of a tune.

​ After the relatively serious start to the album the hair is well and truly let down, first with the gyrating thrust of 'Pine Tree Avenue', a track that old plunger lips Mr Tyler would have no trouble wrapping his chops around. However the same can't be said for 'Jelly Roll', a song while fun, probably wouldn't get on to a Warrant B-sides collection. In fairness it tries to seduce, but unfortunately falls victim to impotency very quickly.

As Lynch is a certified guitar hero, he's well within his rights to get his toys out. 'Dirty Money' has him pumping out a pretty snazzy riff that most pretenders wouldn't have the giggleberries to even think about playing.

lynch mob

Lynch has often talked about the dynamic chemistry between himself and Oni Logan. That is blatantly displayed on the haunting ballad, 'The Ledge'; Logan's masterful vocals totally dominate what is the real jewel in this record. Penultimate track, 'Kingdom Of Slaves', vigorously gets some inner Zep/Sabbath unleashed. A Zeppelin nut like Brian Tichy must have been bang in his element pounding away on this one.

Although the album begun in a pretty lethargic manner it closes with an animated, bang on 'War'. With elements of prog, Metal and an all out classic rock assault, it also reconfirms the iconic mastery of Lynch, and why this reluctant genius should be never taken for granted. Now in his sixty-first year, his passion for his craft shows no sign of waning.

'Rebel' might not sweep the board at the Grammy's, but legions of loyal fans and guitar nuts the world over always await and greet his work with adoring enthusiasm. That, I'm sure, means more to him than a lump of gold plated zinc alloy any day.

Automatic Fix
Between The Truth And The Lie
Pine Tree Avenue
Jelly Roll
Dirty Money
The Hollow Queen
The Ledge
Kingdom Of Slaves

Line Up:
George Lynch - Guitars
Brian Tichy - Drums
Oni Logan - Vocals
Jeff Pilson - Bass

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