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'Black Venom' EP
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Brian Boyle

brian boyle

stone trigger

As far as the 80s hair Metal genre goes, Ireland completely missed the boat. While the likes of Thin Lizzy, Rory Gallagher and Gary Moore flew the flag for blues and hard rock, the eye watering spandex and dangerously teased hair look never caught on.

Enter Dublin's Stone Trigger, a band who have been slogging their guts out since 2009, have been gradually gathering a healthy following and, more importantly, cementing a reputation as one the best live acts in the capital.

One glance at these guys and you immediately know what you're gonna get. They look 80s and unanimously sound 80s.

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Opener 'Show Your Hands' is a virtual time machine of a tune. With perfectly placed hooks and an action packed evocative chorus it could stand toe to toe with anything produced in those glory days. Tommy Rockit's brilliantly restrained vocals work a treat, but its Andii Andrew's fretwork that give this gem a lick of class.

Title track 'Black Venom' more than likely won't win an Ivor Novello Award for song writing excellence, songs about leather clad temptresses generally don't. But who cares, this track excels in its unashamedly crass attitude. Boasting a seductively crunching riff that's accompanied by a bone splitting solo, it's a full blooded victor start to finish.

And of course no record of this genre would be fully dressed without the obligatory ballad. 'While Forever' is pretty predictable and is by no means an 'Every Rose Has Its Thorn' or a 'Never Say Goodbye', it still has enough about it to make you raise a smile.

The foot is firmly back on the gas with 'I Declare War', a brutish affair that pulls no punches in its delivery. The pounding guitars rear their head with fulsome effect, and Rockit's cocky vocal swagger gradually gathers momentum to unleash another invigorating chorus.

Stone Trigger sign out in a dark and nasty fashion on the Crue-esque 'Rattle Your Bones', a song above all others that has "live" written all over it. This is pure LA sleaze rock, nothing more, nothing less, and it sums up this band in every sense.

Let's face it, most hardnosed rock critics will take one look at Stone Trigger and carry on walking. What they represent today repulsed the majority of them thirty years ago, and that ain't likely to change. But for fans fed and watered on this genre, their very existence brings about a feeling that bands like this are not going away anytime soon. I'll drink to that.

stone trigger

'Black Venom' Track List:
Show Your Hands
Black Venom
I Declare War
Rattle Your Bones

Stone Trigger are:
Tommy Rockit - Lead Vocals
Ronnie Velvet - Guitar/Keyboards
Niall McDermott - Drums
Peter Jordan - Bass
Andii Andrews - Lead Guitar

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