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Daryl Soar, John Oakley, Mark Taylor
Photos by Sean Cameron
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12th August 2016


Friday: 2.30am

Today, Friday, is the first full day of the UK's only true Metal festival, as Dee Snider described it last night when he and Pepper Keenan guested with Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons on The Sophie Lancaster Stage.

Keep checking this page regularly over the next three days as we will be updating it every couple of hours with all the very latest from Bloodstock 2016. Live reporting starts just before lunchtime today, Friday.

You can see for yourself just what a superb night it was last night right here.

Earlier in the day, Phil formally opened Lemmy's Bar, Bloodstock's main drinking area that has been renamed in honour of Motörhead's founder and leader in what was a thoroughly entertaining and poignant occasion, as you can see right here.

Four bands played before Phil headlined the Sophie Stage last night with Sublime Eyes opening up proceedings followed by Karybdis, Sumer and Psykosis, who generously distributed countless beers to the crowd throughout their performance.





Friday: 10.30am

Friday morning and it's still Thursday night for some people as Bloodstock doesn't really sleep; it just takes a short break from the partying for the odd hour here and there.

Watching the sun rise in a field in Derbyshire is a great experience, especially when you know that the day ahead is going to be packed full of the best Heavy Metal to be found anywhere in Europe today.

Things got off to a good start with a nice cup of hot, strong coffee from Phil Andre of Motley Brew, purveyors of fine hot beverages in a rock n' roll theme. Shout At The Kettle is the slogan and Phil told us over our morning brew: "We love this music and this is a big rock n' roll tea party for us.

"When you come to a festival you get very few creature comforts so we provide a proper cup of tea of your choice, in a proper mug, just like you would get at home.

"We're here to have fun and socialise and we take pleasure from providing a great customer service on a personal level. It's a family thing that we do. Download is the girls' festival and this is the boys' weekend. Some of the lads working here were at Primary School together."

Motley Brew - putting the tea in Metal and the coffee into MetalTalk.

Sabbat drummr Simon Negus is compering the Sophie Stage and told us: "Sabbat is on a permanent sabbatical with Andy [Sneap] busy with Hell, Martin [Walkyier] doing Clan Destined and Simon Jones a full-time member of Holosade.

"I'm a Derby lad so this is my local festival and what this festival does for new artists is fantastic so I was happy to help them out."

Simon is introducing Fury and Brutaii on the Sophie Stage later today and Stuck Mojo on the Main Stage this afternoon at 4.00pm.

Piere Dujardin, guitarist of Karibdis who played the Sophie Stage last night enthused as he told us: "Last night was a great night for the band. The audience was massive and uncontrollable - you guys rock and it was a pleasure to perform before you. Massive thanks to all the people who trust in us and to Simon Hall for his beautiful festival."

We also grabbed a few words with Rick Graham, bar manager of The Serpent's Lair, but we were unable to finish our conversation as the bar was starting to get busy and the customers come first so we'll catch up with Rick later in the day. Or in half an hour when we place an order for a cold, refreshing one.

Next update in a couple of hours. The sun is shining, the Metal is loud and there's nowhere on Earth we would rather be right now.


Friday: 1.45pm

Hark kicked off proceedings on the Main Stage as the herald angels ushered in blazing sunshine, just as the party was really starting to get lively. Hark sounded terrific out there late this morning and with a strong set of songs and a good solid sound, they're definitely worth checking out if you get the chance.

If you're new to Gloryhammer then frontman Thomas Laszlo Winkler's introduction probably left you none the wiser.

"We are Gloryhammer, from outer space, and we sing songs about.. hammers."

Which is in stark contrast to Christopher Bowes' other band, Alestorm, who sing songs about getting hammered. Gloryhammer sang "thunderbolts and lightning flashing from the sky" at lunchtime on what could be one of the hottest days of the year. And it worked. It shouldn't have but it did, just like billing the originators of Black Metal, Venom, and the planets most Satanic band, Behemoth, just underneath Twisted Sister later on this evening shouldn't work but probably will.

With future Metal classics like 'The Unicorn Invasion Of Dundee', 'Angus McFife' and 'Hail To Crail', Heavy Metal is in safe hands and probably lies somewhere beneath Cowdenbeath. Glory to the hammers. Superb.

There was a gap after Gloryhammer left the stage so with no bands playing for a short time we collared Simon Hall, Beholder frontman and Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses Überführer and asked him how his day was going so far: "Busy, busy. It's hot and I really need to change my underpants."

Thanks for that Simon.

Evil Scarecrow, resplendent as ever, always entertain and 'Space Dementia' in particular got a wild round of applause, as well as regular favourites 'Crabulon', and new song 'Huricanado' that saw a huge circle pit develop for what was the first time today but undoubtedly not the last.

Drummer Monty Blitzfist went crowd surfing early on in the set and the boys, whose set is still going on as we write, have another triumph under their belts.

We've got some batteries that need recharging and we're not talking about phone or laptop ones so it's time to go see if we can finish that conversation with Rick Graham. See you at the bar - back later this afternoon.

Evil Scarecrow



Redeye Revival who played the Newblood Stage at 11.15am.

Souls Of Jack Ketch who played the Newblood Stage at 12.00 midday.


Friday: 5.00pm

The sun is absolutely blasting down here and some people are starting to flag a little now, but soon it will be time to lay down our souls for the gods of rock'n'roll as Venom, originators of Black Metal, have arrived on flaming chariots straight from Hades, driven by Satan's very own personal chauffeurs.

Well, some of that may not be totally true... it was a white Transit van really but they're still as Satanic as fuck and probably eat the heads of babies for breakfast. In fact, there's only one band in the world that are more Satanic and that's Polish death masters Behemoth, who are on straight after Venom.

Let's hope there are no disagreements between the two bands backstage or all Hell could break loose. Literally. While we await the legions of Beelzebub, an unexpected visitor graces our presence. Evil Scarecrow's Dr Hell appears like a ghost to keep us company as we sit in creative contemplation. I swear this place is haunted...

How did your set go earlier today?: "Eleven out of ten! No, twelve out of ten, no, make that thirteen out of ten... fourteen actually, no fifteen out of ten... no, it was sixteen out of ten..."

Not bad then, but room for improvement perhaps...?

Misery Loves Co, Main Stage, 13.55

Stuck Mojo, Main Stage, 3.05

The Charm And The Fury, Sophie Stage, 3.20


Friday: 7.30pm

Venom turned Bloodstocks Main Stage into a Dante-esque inferno of raging Hell fire and screaming, tortured souls this afternoon and as they emerged from the bowels of Hell to address the masses the sun hid behind the clouds, darkness fell over Catton Park and a raging wind howled across the whole festival site. Welcome to Hell!

Cronos, in all his glory, stood before us and he spoke thus: "Fuckin' Bloodstock!!!".... and we were off, pure Satanic majesty in musical form, by the greatest purveyors of Black Metal ever. The inventors of Black Metal actually and the ones who created this abomination are still unbeatable, thirty-four years after they first spewed forth.

But strange things happen at Venom gigs and as well as the sudden and dramatic change in weather, a man with long white hair was spotted in the middle of the crowd sporting a pink shirt. It's a ling way to the top if you wanna rock n' roll (that wasn't a typo) but nobody has ever worn a pink shirt to a Venom concert before. Seven plagues and pestilences shall befall him for this foul, blasphemous deed.

The sun reappeared and the wind ceased on 'Rise', the penultimate track before closer 'Black Metal' and indeed, the masses did lay down their souls to the Gods rock n' roll with the death wall set at max.

"Man, that was loud," was the comment most frequently heard by those making their way from the Main Stage area and we talked with the man who is partially responsible for loudness. Or should that be lewdness? The one and only, the magnificent, magnanimous and majestic Krusher Joule had introduced their Satanic Majesty's and told us: "Here we are at Bloodstock 2016. I've done my business introducing Corrosion Of Conformity and Venom and I'm looking very much forward to seeing Twisted Sister.

"I'm hoping I can meet them before they go on stage and get the £20 they owe me from 1984.

"Very much looking forward to tomorrow when I am not only introducing Fear Factory but am doing a DJ set in the Serpent's Lair immediately after Mastodon finish and on Sunday I am lookimg forward to introducing Dragonforce, getting very pissed, fucking groupies and looking for drug dealers."

And finally for now, Cronos himself spoke to us and was clearly a very happy man: "It was fucking great! All these people kept coming and coming, out of nowhere. Where were they coming from? There was fucking loads of them. They must have been saying 'this sounds alright' [laughs]. It was fucking magic that. I've got to go sign some autographs now. Best wishes to all MetalTalk readers!"

We've got a few gaps to fill in, especially Corrosion Of Conformity and we'll be trying to catch up while Behemoth are on stage so look out for the next update in about an hour or so.


Corrosion Of Conformity


Friday: 9.30pm

AC/DCs 'Its A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock n' Roll)' (no typo there either) blasted out of the PA and for the second night running, Dee Snider brought the house down when he made his entrance.

We'll have a full review of Twisted Sister's Bloodstock headline performance a lttle later but for now, the band are really cooking three songs into what is their last ever UK performance.

Behemoth following Venom was a billing masterstroke - the founders of Black Metal and the currently biggest Black Metal band in the world, one after the other. It was something very, very special.

Again, more to follow on Behemoth. No more updates today; we're watching Twisted Sister and they are putting on one Hell of a show. We'll be back in the morning to fill in the gaps from Friday and continue our live coverage of Bloodstock 2016.

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