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Daryl Soar, John Oakley, Mark Taylor
Photos by Sean Cameron
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15th August 2016


Well that was simply awesome, every single bit of it. Great people, great organisation, great beer and great, great non-stop Heavy Metal from Thursday afternoon until Monday morning.

Sunday night saw Anthrax's judges on hand to make an excellent stage show. The New Yorkers played a whole host of newer material and even with no 'I Am The Law' it was still a tremendous set.

Slayer closed off the Main Stage with a fiery show that left everyone wondering whether Hell awaits those who can't remember their own lyrics? An epic pyro display made up for Slayer not being at their absolute best.

The very last band of Bloodstock 2016 were Goatwhore who played an utterly bruising set. Sammy Duet was so overwhelmed by the crowd that he left the stage for a few minutes to go and get his camera to record the moment for posterity.

Earlier on Sunday Derange vocalist Cat Pereira showed real stage presence and charisma and totally won the Sophie Stage crowd over while Symphony X were technically brilliant.

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For us, Gojira were the absolute highlight of Bloodstock 2016 and you can read all about their stunning performance right here.

Andrew O Neill's History Of Heavy Metal was pantwettingly funny, despite a shortened routine due to time constraints. It's well worth checking out Andrew's full show, if only to hear his impression of Sara Millican doing Chronos' Mum, so we gave Andrew the very last word on Bloodstock 2016

"I persuaded Ollie from Reprisal, my backing band for the show and a cracking death Metal band in their own right, to come and sleep in the woods. He enjoyed it apart from the bit where a bird shat on his face.

"Bloodstock feels like home. Other festivals can feel like corporate events we've bought tickets for. Bloodstock is our community."

These guys need no introduction

Campion, Main Stage, Saturday 10.45am

The RAM Gallery

Gloryhammer, Main Stage lunchtime Friday

The Editor hard at work while Gojira were on

An extra shot of Slayer for you...

Symphony X, Main Stage, Sunday 5.40pm

Unearth, Main Stage, Sunday 12.45pm


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