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Steve Göldby

steve goldby

It's a huge Heavy Metal day today, Friday 20th May 2016, with a staggering fifteen new albums hitting the shelves and there's pretty much something for every rock or metal fan amongst this huge batch of new releases.

lita ford

First up we have Lita Ford with 'Time Capsule' on SPV/Steamhammer.

Johnny Main reviewed the album and said: "With her return to form, Ford has been energised over the last couple of years and her "spark" has returned, so building on the foundations laid by the 'Living Like A Runaway' album comes her ninth studio album, 'Time Capsule'.

"On the face of it, it's a ten track opus that deals with her past, looks to the future and shows us exactly where she is in her life now, and with the help of friends like Billy Sheehan, Dave Navarro, Jeff Scott Soto, Rick Nielsen as well as Gene Simmons, Ford's produced a highly polished piece of work."

You can read the whole review right here.

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We were particularly excited about the new Vardis release, 'Red Eye', their first in nearly thirty years. It's another SPV/Steamhammer release.

Johnny Main also reviewed 'Red Eye' and commented: "It's clear from this album that the band aren't short of ideas and certainly aren't out of practice. The past is the past and the band are moving forwards so let's hope they keep the momentum going as they still have a great deal to offer older fans and new ones that they're picking up on the way."

You can read the whole review right here.

stonewall noise orchestra

Yet another SPV/Steamhammer release, Stonewall Noise Orchestra's fifth album, 'The Machine, The Devil And The Dope', took us by surprise as it's really rather good.

Roger Fauske had this to say about the album: "It is definitely a good album – sure there are elements that you will have heard before on offer but the point is they have put their own slant on it and an impressive slant it is. They have a good thing going and now they have been picked up by SPV, good things should happen."

You can read the whole review right here.
flotsam and jetsam

Flotsam And Jetsam's twelfth album which is self titled is out on AFM Records and we're seriously impressed with it.

It was reviewed by Johnny Main who commented: "There's a solid selection of fast tracks here including 'Seventh Seal' which has guitarists Michael Gilbert and Steve Conley sparring in the solo section and it's great to hear that they've not lost any of their fire."

You can read the whole review right here.

SuidAkrA are also twelve albums in now with today's release of 'The Realms Of Odoric' which has met expectations in a big way.

Our review of this seriously good album is right here, as well as an overview of all of their previous albums.

Thor has his debut album 'Keep The Dogs Away' re-released today on Cleopatra and it's more than worth a revisit.

Joe Geesin said in his review: "You'll see the proof that Thor the man and Thor the band are rock n' roll. Grimacing and shred aside, there's some very enjoyable rock moments here."

You can read the whole review right here.
heavy metal

SPV/Steamhammer also have a re-release out today and it's the monster 51 track 'The House Of Atreus - Act I & Act II'.

It took ages to listen to this, never mind review it but as stated in the review: "'s more than worth the effort as the whole package is something of a masterpiece."

You can read the whole review right here.

No Sinner's highly anticipated new album 'Old Habits Die Hard' is also out today through Provogue/Mascot Label Group and appparently Colleen Rennison is "barrelling down the highway, her grip on the throttle, and you better believe you're going to hear her coming from miles away."

We believe it and you can find out all you need to know about 'Old Habits Die Hard' right here.

MetalTalk favourites Satyricon declared "This is Armageddon!" on their now landmark third album 'Nemesis Divina' and this black Metal masterpiece has been remastered, bringing out all it's subtleties and been given a significant boost. It's re-released today and our review will be published very soon.

Katatonia's new album, 'The Fall Of Hearts', is out on Peaceville and as well as featuring new drummer Daniel Moilanen, it is also the first album from the Swedes to feature recently recruited guitarist Roger Öjersson who played lead guitar on three tracks.

Visceral German thrash metal meisters Assassin's brutal fifth studio album 'Combat Cathedral' is packed with twelve razor sharp cuts of rousing, cranium crunching compositions and our review will be published very soon while Kristof Bathory announced earlier that Los Angeles' "aggrotech" extreme metallers Dawn Of Ashes have returned and signed to Metropolis Records. Their new album is titled 'Theophany' and yes, you guessed right - it's out today.

Jeff Angell's Staticaland release their self-titled debut today on UDR and it's a captivating menagerie of songs that effortlessly shift from raucous, snarling, barn burners to moving Stones-inspired ballads.

Bakerteam Records release Italian extreme metallers Terrorway's second album and it's called 'The Second' and last but by no means least is Greek doomsters Scar Of The Sun with their new offering 'In Flood', released on Scarlet Records.

So that's a lot of music to get through, around seventeen hours in all, and a lot to offer those who keep insisting that rock and metal is dead. Well with fifteen new quality albums out today, it's not even considering hibernating.



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