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Our Black Heart, London
Tuesday 24th May 2016

steve goldby

the amorettes

It's been over a year since I last saw The Amorettes and during that time the Scottish all-female power trio have made a remarkable progression with constant gigging this last few months taking them to a brand new level.

Tonight was an unadvertised album launch show in the small upstairs room at Our Black Heart and it was fantastic to get a taste of the band in an intimate setting. If you have a muse at their forthcoming gig list below, you will see that the stages they will be gracing this summer are somewhat larger and on the strength of this performance, the ladies thoroughly deserve to be playing these prestigious gigs.

New album 'White Hot Heat' is released on 27th June and it's their third after 'Haulin' Ass' in 2010 and 'Game On' in 2014. It was produced by Thunder's Luke Morley who also co-composed three of the album's songs with Ricky Warwick contributing to another. Luke was present at tonight's gig and said: "I think we've captured something really special with the album, and I think it will surprise a lot of people."

Tonight The Amorettes played all ten tracks from 'White Hot Heat' in album running order and it absolutely confirmed what Luke said. It was indeed really special and the performance tonight was nothing short of a triumph.

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The Amorettes showed they meant business from the off with a blistering 'Son Of A Gun' kicking off proceedings. This, plus the following four tracks were pretty much the cream from the previous two albums and the West Lothian rockers put on a performance full of fire and venom.

A very short interlude was followed by the ten tracks from 'White Hot Heat' and clearly the band have reached a musical nirvana with this forthcoming opus. After witnessing this collection of tremendous songs, I am in a rush to hear the studio album now. It definitely made a big impression and was a great musical experience.

the amorettes

Standout tracks were the rousing 'Let The Neighbours Call The Cops', album opener 'Batter Up' and 'White Russian Roulette', one of the Luke Morley co-writes, the others being 'Pervert Alert' and the captivating 'Crusader'. Ironically enough, the Oliver Dawson Saxon band were playing just a hundred yards away in the Underworld and I had the pleasure of hearing them jam their song of the same name at their soundcheck earlier.

ODS were supporting LA Guns and it says a lot that The Amorettes have no qualms at all about playing in such close proximity to much more established bands but they are more than capable of holding their own in the hard rock jungle.

There wasn't a weak track in the set tonight and The Amorettes are very clearly right on top of their game now; their stagecraft is honed to almost perfection, their confidence is justifiably sky high and their playing skills are right up there with the best.

the amorettes

Here is a band of rock goddesses who are going right to the very top. Frontlady and guitarist Gillian Montgomery holds an audience's attention with ease and it's a real pleasure to watch her fingers dancing all over the fretboard; she never drops a note all night long while the rythym section of bass player Heather McKay and drummer Hannah McKay - yes, they are sisters - are as tight as Daniel Craig's budgie smugglers.

Here is a band who play classic British driving hard rock and have suddenly made a huge leap from being a band with great potential to one who look destined for big things. They've got the power, they've got the speed and they're three great characters with terrific force and a dynamic motor. Head on over to see them the next opportunity you get because it looks unlikely they will be playing venues such as this for much longer.

the amorettes

Son Of A Gun
Box Ticker
Fire At Will
Bull By The Horns
Give 'Em Hell
Batter Up
Let The Neighbours Call The Cops
Come 'N' Get It
Eyes On The Prize
Pervert Alert
White Russian Roulette
Man Meat
Stealing Thunder

Hot 'N' Heavy
Daddy's Got Money
Shoot From The Hip

Catch The Amorettes live at:
4th June 2016: Camden Rocks Festival, London
10th June 2016: Download Festival, Donington Park, UK
11th June 2016: Skullfest, Wervik, Belgium
8th July 2016: T in the Park, Strathallan House, Scotland
22nd July 2016: Rock & Blues Custom Show, Derby
23rd July 2016: Middle of Nowhere Festival, Stafford
12th August 2016: Viking Festival, Ebbw Vale, Wales
10th November 2016: Hard Rock Hell Festival, Pwhelhi

the amorettes

'White Hot Heat' will be released worldwide through Off Yer Rocka Recordings on 27th June 2016. Look out for our review here on MetalTalk soon.

Photos by Katie Frost

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