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'7' / 'Live N Lethal'
(Minus2Zebra) Out now

mark taylor


Many associate Savage for just one track, 'Let It Loose' originally featured on a compilation album 'Scene Of The Crime' from 1981, a blistering track that fired up a young Lars Ulrich who with his band mates in Metallica would cover the track for an early demo tape that set the band onto global stardom.

However Savage have plenty of power in their cannon and while their debut album 'Loose N' Lethal' from '83 is considered a NWOBHM classic, Savage have always continued to make challenging music of pure Metal quality.

That continues with their seventh album aptly titled '7' which is double backed by a live set recorded in their home town of Mansfield making for a value for money package.

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Still featuring founder members Chris Bradley and Andy Dawson, '7' tears into a sound reminiscent of modern day Metallica and Thin Lizzy.

The first four tracks were premiered at last years Garage Dayz Re-Visited gig at the London Garage where Savage had enough confidence in their new material to perform all four tracks right at the beginning of their set and rightly so.

'I Am The Law' pulls no punches slamming home the intent from the word go, 'Empire Of Hate' and 'Super Spy' are far better than anything Metallica have been coming up with of late.


'Circus Of Fools' and 'Shake The Tree' both feature razor sharp spiralling riffs from Dawson. 'Speed Freak' is one helluva ride, 'Crazy Horse' and the epic 'The Road To Avalon (Sin Of The Fathers) are highlights while 'Children Of The Night' is a throwback to the melodic rock of the late '80s. A resounding album.

This digi pack folds out to reveal the artwork for the live album on the flip side which is a little misleading as it features the artwork for the debut album with 'Loose... ' stamped over with 'Live....', giving the impression that this is a live recording of 'Loose N Lethal' in its entirety when it's actually a full set featuring songs from their entire career.


However this most certainly is 'Live N Lethal', a clear well recorded set from 2014 which not only includes a storming 'Let It Loose' but also my personal favourite Savage track 'Smilin' Assassin' which features a deadly thumping bass blast from Chris Bradley.

Savage deserve a whole lot more credit than what they get and this release is a perfect place to start for any novice, or the perfect addition for the connoisseur Metal fanatic.

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