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The Borderline, London
20th January 2016

Photos by Eric Duvet

mark taylor

lynne jackaman

You've got to admire Lynne Jackaman for having the tenacity to head for a solo career when everything seemed to be set in place for Saint Jude and global stardom.

Rave reviews for 'Diary Of Soul Fiend' in 2010 saw the band getting plenty of attention and even a prestigious and successful slot at the High Voltage Festival a year later.

However the death of guitarist Adam Greene in early 2012 left a dark shadow over the band and now the leading starlet has turned towards the light, in a different direction of funk and soul built on a foundation of rock.

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Jackaman, as the artist is now officially known as, has been a work in progress for over the past two years. Her loyal fans have stayed with her all the way while steadily bringing in new fans who only know Jackaman for her latest work.

With only an EP 'No Halo' to boot and a mere handful of shows since going solo, she certainly has a lot of interest in her, with another sold out show.

lynne jackaman

This time Jackaman really lays all her cards bare with a set featuring no Saint Jude numbers or any covers, just tracks from the forthcoming album with many tracks co-written with Quireboys guitarist Guy Griffin who played in this show but who keeps a low key letting the spotlight shine on Lynne Jackaman.

Jackaman has the voice born in the deep delta blues although she's from the South of England herself. Looking stunning in her figure hugging black dress with tambourine in hand is enough to make any full blooded man shake with her, but her down to earth ways of open honesty and cheeky humour makes one feel like you're there to cheer on your little sister.

lynne jackaman

Songs from the EP such as the big vocals of the Planet Rock playlisted 'Wasted' the breezy 'Honesty (Can Be So Cruel), the funky 'No Halo' and 'You Can't Take Back' are already firm favourites among the faithful but new songs such as 'Nobody's Fault (But Yours), a nice play on words of the Led Zep classic and the harder ride of 'Sooner Or Later' and 'Supernasty' made an impact with the Borderline especially with the added brass of sax from John O'Neill.

But the best was saved for last with the building epic 'Bringing It Home (To You)' which had a psychedelic edge with 'Great Gig In The Sky' type astonishing wailing vocals from Jackaman.

lynne jackaman

The encore of 'My Beautiful Loss' a heartfelt ballad written about Adam Greene that was tonight also dedicated to so many recent fallen heroes such as Lemmy, David Bowie and Glenn Frey - artists that have all inspired Jackaman - was lovingly absorbed by the Borderline.

You couldn't hear a pin drop amongst the crowd as she poured all her emotions into this deep meaningful number which included a couple of opening lines from Bowie's 'Life On Mars' and brought a tear to many an eye including Lynne Jackaman herself.

Lynne Jackaman certainly has the voice for the big stage, time will tell if these songs will make the same impact. If you asked any of her fans what they think, the reply is unanimous. A star is born.

lynne jackaman

Set list:
I'll Allow You
Nobody's Fault (But Yours)
Honesty (Can Be So Cruel)
Sooner Or Later
No Halo
You Can't Take Back
Bringing It Home (To You)

My Beautiful Loss
Future Ex

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