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'Black Sheep'
(Odyssey Music)
Out Now

mark taylor


It's been a three year wait for the second album from the Devon based Alternative Metallers Sanguine who have certainly upped their game with an album recorded at In Flames IF Studio in Gothenburg with In Flames guitarist Jesper Stromblad who guests on two of the songs.

Although primarily this is a screamo Metal album, Sanguine haven't just stuck to one dimension here, cutting an album full of diverse sounds that crosses brutality with ethereal tangents.

Take 'Pretty Girl' for example, which almost has a disco heavy beat swinging to it like Garbage meets Evanescence.

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The acoustic 'Breathe Out' is a serene ballad and 'Whole World' has vocalist Tarin Kerrey wearing her heart on her sleeve as she declares her wish for world domination in another bruising ballad.

'Carousel' is more than just a fairground attraction that will leave you spinning for more rides.

The majority of the album is in yer face brutality entwined with melody with songs like 'Save Me','Social Decay' and the title track 'Black Sheep' leaving their razor cuts on the inside of your arms.

The only nauseating aspect of this album is that guitarist Nick Magee's over-enthusiastic and imposing screams of anger can syringe the ears until they bleed. So much so,that at times you will feel like slapping him around the face with a cold wet mackerel and ordering him to chill the fuck out!

Nonetheless, on this evidence Sanguine have made a big step forward here and their diversity holds well for future promise.


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