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1865 Club, Southampton
13th April 2016

mark taylor

Mark Taylor: Photos by Mike Taylor

ken hensley

After a long absence of fifteen years, former Uriah Heep songsmith Ken Hensley returned to his homeland to perform a special one-off date which attracted fans from all over the UK to make the worthwhile trip to the south of England.

Backed by local band Our Propaganda the show was split into three parts with the youngsters proving themselves with a compelling set of heavy rock, allowing the music to breathe.

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Ken Hensley came on alone for an acoustic set entwined with a hearty Q&A. Stories were told before the lighter numbers such as 'Free Me', 'Wise Man', new song 'September Magic' and the beautiful 'Rain' played on a lone keyboard.

Our Propaganda returned to join Hensley, who had now moved behind his trademark Hammond organ which had a monstrous sound. Storming into two Hensley solo tracks with the hard drive of 'Brown Eyed Boy' and 'Out Of My Control' the impact was immediate.

ken hensley

Ken Hensley played a swashbuckling solo before the recognisable intro of 'Stealin', one of many Uriah Heep classics performed that were written by the genius.

Vocalist Jack Denton looked like a youthful David Bryon who owned the same confidence and playful swagger and gave new life to songs such as 'Circle Of Hands', the high harmonies of 'Sunrise' and the Metal attack of 'Easy Livin'.

ken hensley

Ken Hensley proved his wizardry skills on the epic 'July Morning' before picking up the acoustic once again for a delightful 'Tales' and the mass singalong for the Euro hit 'Lady In Black' which also featured Hensley's brother Trevor on guitar.

'Gypsy' ended the evening with some soaring Hammond from Hensley. A truly magical evening that can't be repeated soon enough.

ken hensley

ken hensley

ken hensley

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