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Mark Taylor


It's been a busy time for Inglorious since the release of their eponymous debut album, which was released on Frontiers Records last February, with the band picking up new fans everywhere they go.

Inglorious open up the Main Stage at this weekend's Ramblin' Man Fair and MetalTalk's Mark Taylor grabbed a few words with vocalist Nathan James who spoke excitedly about their forthcoming appearance at the Maidstone festival.

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Inglorious are opening up the Main Stage on the Saturday. Will you be able to sleep the night before knowing you've got to be up so early ready to rock n' roll in front of thousands?

"We cannot wait but will be tired from travelling back from Ireland with the Dead Daises. There are so many great bands that day and it's a real honour to open up for them all!"

Do you get nervous before performing in front of a large audience? What's the pre-match ritual to calm the nerves?

"Not really to be honest. I truly believe its what I'm on this earth to do and after doing live TV its very hard to be scared now. I have to do my vocal warm ups and that's about it. Nothing weird."

Inglorious recently did a Ramblin' Man warm-up show at the Big Red in London. How was that for you?

"Great fun. I was so pleased that people came to see us when the football was on, ha ha. Ramblin' Man are so supportive of us and so many new bands which is awesome!"

You've made no secret of your admiration for David Coverdale and Whitesnake. Will you be hanging around to watch their headline show?


Inglorious recorded cover versions of 'Burn' and 'Fool For Your Loving' early in your career. Have you had any feedback from David Coverdale on those versions?

"Yes actually. He loved them. So did Glenn Hughes..."

Whitesnake headlined the Monsters Of Rock Festival in 1990 at Castle Donington. On that day Thunder were the opening band and in truth blew everybody off the stage including Aerosmith. Are you confident that Inglorious are capable of pulling the same trick?

"Hmmmmm... I don't know... people will have to come and watch. We do promise one thing though... we won't be shit."

Whitesnake made their first UK festival appearance way back in 1979 in your home town at the Reading Festival, long before you were born. What was the first rock festival you attended as a fan?

"I am a big fan of Sweden Rock... there is something about the location and the size of the festival that is just awesome. Weather is better too. Never been to Reading Festival. I made a promise that the first time I go I will be playing it."

It's my birthday on the day Inglorious play at the Ramblin' Man Fair. Will you be getting the beers in?

"Ha ha. You can have a free one from our rider... or depending on how many new t-shirts we sell I may get you a shot!"

After Ramblin' Man Fair, what's next for Inglorious?

"Recording album two... which is gonna be awesome."

You can see all the stage times for the Ramblin' Man Fair' by clicking here...

ramblin man

You can see all the stage times for the Ramblin' Man Fair' by clicking here...



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