Tax The Heat Turn Up The Temperature For Ramblin' Man Fair
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It's going to be a busy weekend for Bristol rhythm & blues hard rockers Tax The Heat, as they are playing two UK festivals, performing at Steelhouse Festival on Saturday 23rd July followed by a very long drive down the M4 to perform at the Ramblin' Man Fair a day later on Sunday 24th July.

MetalTalk's Mark Taylor grabbed a few words with Tax The Heat's guitarist and vocalist Alex Veale, finding out what fans can expect from their performance at the Ramblin' Man Fair.

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Tax The Heat are performing on the Blues Stage at 16.45 on the Sunday performing for just under an hour. After the set will it be a case of pack up and go, or will the band get the chance to see some of the other artists? Who are you hoping to see?

It's going to be pretty tight. We've got a bunch of press to do and a show to get to the next day - I was hoping to catch the Von Hertzen Brothers but I think we're on at the same time. I'm hoping we get to catch up with our mates The Graveltones and see some of the headliners.

You recently did a Ramblin' Man Fair warm-up by performing a free gig along with rising rockers Broken Witt Rebels at the intimate Big Red in London, how was that for you?

The show was really cool, it was good too see some familiar faces and hear people singing our songs. The venue was really cool too, a proper dirty rock n roll joint.

Tax The Heat have the sound of the 60's rhythm & blues bands with a modern twist. If you could appear on a dream bill festival with bands from the past or present, who would you like to share the bill with?

Oh man that is a good question. Here's the day line-up of dreams, in no particular order and just what's on my mind today; The Who (in '65), The Hives, QOSTA, AC/DC (in '78), Allman Brothers (In '70), Tax The Heat (right now baby), The Kinks (in '65), Aerosmith ('76).

You're performing some dates with 90s indie rockers Ash very soon and later in November, Tax The Heat will be supporting Terrorvision. Did you grow up listening to these bands in your childhood?

Big time. I had '1977' by Ash and 'Regular Urban Survivors' by Terrorvision both on cassette and loved them. Same with Reef, and we got to play with those boys as well. A 10 year old Alex would flip out knowing he'd get to play with these bands one day. I'm a child of the 90s and I like to think some of those BIG songs have influenced the way I/we write.

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Tax The Heat have been very open minded in some of the support slots you've done over the last couple of years supporting everyone from Aerosmith, Kansas, Thunder, Reef and Black Star Riders. With your album 'Fed To The Lions' being released on the rather heavy Nuclear Blast label, would Tax The Heat have any fear in supporting label mates Blind Guardian, Helloween or even a Black Metal band if the opportunity arose?

We basically have the approach of an old school band, get on the road and tour. If we think the band's audience will dig us then the show is definitely worth doing. I think a lot of Metal bands have very open minded fans and I'm sure a lot of them have bought this album. Not all of them, you can't win them all. If there was the audience there who we thought we could win over, then we would do it.

For those new to Tax The Heat, why should they check you out on the Blues Stage at the Ramblin' Man Fair?

Because rock and roll needs a future and we are it! If you don't invest in new music then the magic of rock n' roll will die, that is for sure, eventually becoming a distant memory. We believe in what we do, we play hard and put everything into these shows AND we're bloody good. Don't miss it, this is the beginning for us, jump on for the ride.

Tax The Heat's debut album 'Fed To The Lions' is out now on Nuclear Blast.

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