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mark taylor
Mark Taylor: Photos by Sean Cameron

twisted sister

Twisted Sister played their final ever UK date last night at the Bloodstock Festival as part of their farewell 'Forty And Fuck It!' World Tour.

The New York legends certainly went out in style, performing to the largest ever audience at the Bloodstock Festival since it became an outdoor event in 2005.

Just like it was back in 1982 when Twisted Sister first visited these shores, it was AC/DCs 'It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N Roll)' played at full volume over the PA that signalled Sisters entrance with that killer rat-a-tat riff for 'What You Don't Know (Sure Can Hurt You' as motormouth Dee Snider screamed: "Good evening! Welcome to our show!"

However, this wasn't the same old story, although the song and dance remained the same.

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After a career that has lasted over forty years Twisted Sister were bowing out following the sad passing last year of drummer AJ Pero. It's only fitting that his place is taken by Mike Portnoy, who AJ replaced himself in Adrenaline Mob. Portnoy does an admirable job throughout.

The bad boys of rock 'n roll changed my life when they sang on their 1982 debut album: "So we may look weird to you, but how do you look to me?". These were words that I have lived by all through my adult life and I have never compromised, so tonight was a complete joy for fellow old school Sick Mutha Fuckers when Dee continually reminded Bloodstock that it was the UK that got the band onto the global map,

"It was the UK that saved our arses," confirmed the charismatic frontman.

twisted sister

Guitarist Jay Jay French reminisced about the first UK tour saying that Sister had members of The Exploited and The Cockney Rejects, label-mates from the punk label Secret Records, acting as roadies to get the show on the road.

A crowd-pleasing career perspective set-list saw a devilish Dee Snider lit up in red for 'Burn In Hell' complete with blazing pryos. The grinding 'Destroyer' saw hands in the air before the tempo was fully raised high for 'Like A Knife In The Back' and 'You Can't Stop Rock N' Roll'.

Dee Snider joked about being on Top Of The Pops along with Culture Club and The Eurythmics before introducing their first big hit single. 'I Am (I'm Me)', which neatly segued into the anthem 'I Wanna Rock'.

Ballad 'The Price' was a heartfelt tribute to the fallen heroes that meant a lot to the band including AJ Pero, Lemmy, Jimmy Bain and Ronnie James Dio.

twisted sister

A riveting 'Under The Blade' was dedicated to the hardcore and without trying to get overly political, Dee commented on how there are people around the world trying to stop you from having a good time then referencing recent events in Paris, Brussels and New York which saw over 16,000 middle digit fingers raised high for the message of 'We're Not Gonna Take It'.

The set was rounded off with Sister's inimitable version of the Stones' classic 'It's Only Rock 'N Roll (But I Like It)', complete with comical death growl responses.

A three song encore including a headbanging delight in 'Shoot 'Em Down' and a pulsating 'SMF' marked Sister's entrance into the history books.

As Dee said: "This is like an Irish Funeral, a celebration to drink and be merry."

twisted sister

Unlike The Scorpions or Judas Priest, this was never going to be a farewell tour that goes on forever - it really is the end for a band that tore up the rule book and did it their own way and they will leave behind a great big hole.

A true rock 'n roll band with one of the greatest, mouthiest and intelligent frontmen ever. They simply don't make them like Dee Snider any more.

Because of you Twisted Sister, I believe in rock 'n roll. And you can't stop it!

twisted sister

What You Don't Know (Sure Can Hurt You)
The Kids Are Back
Burn In Hell
Like A Knife In The Back
You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll
The Fire Still Burns
I Am (I'm Me)
I Wanna Rock
The Price
I Believe In Rock N' Roll
Under The Blade
We're Not Gonna Take It
It's Only Rock 'N' Roll (But I Like It)

Come Out And Play
Shoot 'Em Down


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