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mark taylor
Mark Taylor: Photos by Eric Duvet


French rockers BlackRain signed their first ever deal ten years ago on 6/06/06 and have been dancing with the devil ever since and now have a catalogue of five albums to their credit, TV appearances watched by millions in their homeland and a growing fan base across continental Europe and Japan where the band play to packed out audiences with shows full of high tempo rock'n'roll with a songbook direct from the Sunset Strip.

To complete world domination, all BlackRain have to do is conquer America and the UK... Simples!

Choosing your first ever headline appearance in the UK on a Bank Holiday Monday is never the smartest move as most Brits have knackered themselves out over the last weekend of Summer, however any European fans of BlackRain living in London couldn't have believed their luck to be one of fifty people to see the rising French stars in such an intimate venue which is basically a spare room above a pub.


It was back to basics for BlackRain in their battle to conquer the UK and they started off in fine fashion with the anthem 'Back In Town', a masculine chest beater letting the ladies know the boys are back in town.

BlackRain also show their audacity by covering David Hasselhoff's melodic breeze of 'True Survivor' followed by their brazen declaration of 'Rock 'n Roll Is Dead, Long Live Rock 'n Roll', and therein lies the question - are BlackRain the new heirs of rock'n'roll?


Their sound is reminiscent of 80s glam Metal and Motley Crue may well have called it a day but the Crue dished the dirt like true rock'n'roll stars, shagged loads of woman, snorted half of Peru and a whole lot more whilst BlackRain, who like Reckless Love and Kissin' Dynamite from the current crop of glam boy Metal bands, are a little too clean and bubblegum for my liking and are faking the image but the songs are good and the crown is theirs for the taking.

Leading man Swan is cool but rather placid and its his side men, guitarist Max II and the towering inferno bassist Matthieu de la Roche, who raise the energy levels.


Tracks from the recent Jack Douglas produced 'Released' album sound impressive enough with 'Eat You Alive', 'Mind Control' and the crisp 'Electric Blue' all hitting the spot. Early tunes 'Innocent Rosie' and 'Blast Me Up' stoked the fire.

A highly promising display but playing in such a confined space without their usual flare of pryos and lights did them no favours, but as always in recent years we shall let our European cousins inform us what we've been missing out on... because there is a storm coming and BlackRain are riding on it.

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