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Daryl Soar

daryl soar

one for sorrow

Forged in London, One For Sorrow achieved success in a national competition in 2012 and went on to establish themselves as a mainstay on the undercards of the mainstream Metal fraternity. 'Blood Songs' has then been four years in the making.

Inspired by groove Metal, the album falls between Pantera and Down with a hint of Drowning Pool in the vocal rasp but is it worth adding to your collection? Read on to find out.

ac dc

The album has it’s high points. It will definitely have you humming some of the melodies and searching through your music history to find the song titles. The groove and melody in the guitars add a feeling of familiarity and capture that foot tapping momentum so essential to groove. The lead work is exceptionally clean and fits the songs well, even if at times it exposes a level of simplicity that is often missing in Metal.

The recording achieves a reasonable standard with the mix offering a decent balance between the instruments and vocals. The guitars are not the flawless and monumental slab of fuzz driven punch of a big budget recording but do make an impressive stab at approximating that sound. The drums are the only weakness in the recording, lacking clarity in the bass end. Vocals cut through and never abandon their forced rasp in knocking out a catchy tune between vocal blasts.

But is it worth buying? Probably. This is a good solid first album with some great tracks and moments. 'Fools And Liars' jumped out as a favourite with extra groove and ear catching musical drama and depth while 'First To The Fight' has a lead section that is guaranteed to grab your attention.

One For Sorrow are a promising young British Metal band so however you choose to access their music, they are definitely worth your attention.

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