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'Stone Soldiers' EP
Release Date: Friday 30th January 2016

Johnny Main

johnny main


I first came to know about Wigan based quintet Bigfoot back in late 2014 when they were playing a small club gig in Glasgow supporting those Lancaster Loonies Massive Wagons, and to be frank, I was absolutely blown away by their performance. For a relatively new band, they had it down to a fine art onstage already and I became an instant fan.

Fast forward to early 2015 and a copy of their self-titled debut EP dropped into my inbox here at MetalTalk Towers, where I was once again struck by their professional sound, great tunes and how their irreverent sense of humour that I witnessed onstage translated into their studio recordings.

After a fairly low key presence for the latter half of 2015, I was interested to see what the band had up their sleeve and this week couldn't have gotten off to a much better start that the 'Stone Soldiers' EP dropping into my inbox early doors.

Five brand new and original Bigfoot tracks that I absolutely couldn't wait to hear – and I have to say that, once again, the boys have not disappointed.

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Title track 'Stone Soldiers' has a solid sounding intro which gives way to a great opening salvo from front man Antony Ellis before the track settles down into a slower than expected number. The guitar riff is kept very much in the background allowing Ellis' bluesy performance to take centre stage.

When it comes to the guitar solo, though, it manages to successfully muscle its way to the front in a fine display of musicianship.

'In The Gutter' has drummer Tom Aspinall laying down the solid beat once again before he's joined by another laid back guitar riff. Ellis sounds not unlike renowned vocalist Paul Rodgers here, as he negotiates the lyrics loud and clear, stretching his voice as the song requires it.

There's also a great guitar solo before the track is pared right back to just drums and guitar before a second guitar solo enlivens the song once again. This track was an early favourite of mine, and is a sure-fire addition to my February playlist.


At the midway point, is 'Run', which sets off at a keen pace with a great opening guitar lick before Ellis' vocals come in on what becomes a very enjoyable number indeed. The (for want of a better phrase) "twiddly" guitar line is relegated to the back of the mix which is a bit of a shame as it's quite inventive.

The outstanding moment of the track for me has to be the extended guitar solo towards the end, though, which is quite simply all kinds of wonderful and a real credit to dual lead guitarists Sam Millar and Mick McCullagh.

'Just Like Me' is up next which has a slower and much more atmospheric build up during the intro from the drums and guitar before the "Hey Hey Hey" chants catch the listener unawares. These chants are a theme throughout the track, and are pretty much guaranteed to get the audience at a live gig involved, I'm sure.

The slower mid-section is a nice counterpoint to the faster sections on either side of it, and there's some good duelling between the drums and guitar before the song builds to its crescendo. There's no doubt in my mind that this is a knockout track, and hopefully it'll be a keystone in their live set going forwards.

The EP closes out with 'Blame It On The Dog' which has its opening guitar riff quickly pared back to just the drums keeping the beat going before Ellis comes in with another great bluesy performance. Just when you've got a handle on where the song is going, "Bang!", the guitar comes in once again along with a boisterous chorus that'll not only have you singing along, but will also put a wry smile on your face at the same time.

Bass player Matt Avery comes into his own during the mid-section before there's a bit of talk box guitar to shake things up once more.

As closing tracks go, it's another great track from the boys, and if this EP is the direction in which the band want to head, I personally can't wait for a full album from them.

Failing that, a few live shows from them will do fine in the meantime, and they have plenty of those lined up throughout the country in the coming months.

You can see Bigfoot live here:
Saturday 23rd January – Bedrock Festival, Zoo, Manchester
Saturday 30th January – The Boulevard, Wigan (EP Launch Party)
Saturday 13th February – Rockmantic Festival, The Brickyard, Carlisle
Friday 4th March – Rockers Reunited, Pontins, Southport
Sunday 27th March – Seven Sins Festival, Neath
Saturday 9th April – The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton
Saturday 30th April – The Maze Nottingham
Sunday 1st May – The Boulevard, Wigan
Wednesday 11th May – HRH Ibiza Road Trip, Ibiza
Sunday 29th May – NIB Fest, The Nib, Cornforth
Wednesday 15th – Saturday 25th June – Rock in Rhodes, Greece
Sunday 17th July – SOS Festival, Radcliffe
Satuday 13th August – The Boulevard, Wigan
Saturday 20th August – Rock the Lakes, Southport
Monday 29th August – Glaston-Bury, Bury
Sunday 11th September – Redemption Festival, Warehouse 23, Wakefield
Friday 7th – Monday 10th October – Rockers Reunited, Torquay
Friday 16th December – The Boulevard, Wigan

'Stone Soldiers' Track Listing:
Stone Soldiers
In The Gutter
Just Like Me
Blame It On The Dog

Bigfoot are:
Antony Ellis – Vocals
Sam Millar – Guitar
Mick McCullagh – Guitar
Matt Avery – Bass Guitar
Tom Aspinall – Drums

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