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'Volume One: Morpras' EP
Out now

Johnny Main

johnny main

tales from the tomb

Released in late 2015, ‘Volume One: Morpras' is the debut EP from Canadian Death Metal band Tales of the Tomb that hold nothing back as they gleefully admit to writing a concept album about murder.

The band haven't been together long, just over a year in fact, and as well as recording this EP have also managed a significant number of live dates to back up their studio performances.

The ‘Morpras' EP (which is named after old English for "secret killing of a person, unlawful killing", if you were wondering) is a trio of serial killer themed songs and not, the band are quick to point out, celebrating these people but are in fact elaborating on the heinous crimes committed by infamous murderers.

Musically, it's an old school Death Metal sound which blends both melody and groove together to give the quintet their unique sound.

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The first track 'Snowtown' eases you into this murderous journey with a heavy groove and plenty of vocals. Overall, it's a very solid tune and the mix between the clean of front man Connor Adams compared with the rougher growling vocals that appear periodically make this a thoroughly enjoyable listen.

Next up is 'Pig Farmer' (without a doubt the best title for a song I've heard in a long time) which is a fast paced number which is over and done all to quickly, in my view. It starts off with a menacing chuckle from Adams before the pace picks up and the song easily attains maximum tempo in the first twenty seconds.

Drummer John Thomson lays down a solid foundation over which the joint vocals are placed. If you add in the great guitar riff and you have to ask what's not to like about this song? Well, not very much in my opinion!

tales from the tomb
Photo © Stephanie Bell at Slayer of Pixels 2015

Last up is 'Dr. Death' but what's this? A slower paced number instead of a full on thrash throughout? What's good about this is that the slower pace allows the vocals to take their time and both end up putting in really great performances.

Thomson too is allowed a bit more freedom to play his drum kit as opposed to battering it into submission while the guitar is clear and exceedingly melodic which allows guitarist Tres Thomas to show his skill during the solo.

Without a doubt this is the best band performance of the trio and the best overall number presented here.

You can see the official lyric video for ‘Pig Farmer' here:

‘Volume One: Morpras' Track Listing:
Pig Farmer
Dr. Death

Tales of the Tomb are:
Connor Adams – Vocals
Corey Skerlak –Guitar/Vocals
Tres Thomas – Guitar
Bryn Herbert – Bass Guitar/Vocals
John Thomson – Drums

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