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'Dig In' EP
Out now

Johnny Main

johnny main


Hailing from Orange County, California, Idlewar are a powerful three piece rock band, who were formed back in 2014.

Influenced by the likes of AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest, the trio wasted no time in getting down to the business of writing and recording and the result of their hard work is this debut EP, 'Dig In'.

Spanning five songs and coming in at around seventeen minutes, the EP is a perfectly timed bite-size chuck showing just what the band can do – catchy choruses, memorable riffs and vocals that spare no emotion.

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If you take the opener 'Chunk Of Me', for example, it has drummer Peter Pagonis punching out the beat while the guitar chord slices through the speakers as front man James Blake puts in strong early vocal performance. As the track continues, Pagonis turns up the wick with his relentless beat while Blake gives his performance absolutely everything he's got.

The guitar from Rick Graham comes into its own quite late in the day, but it's an accomplished solo which may be short but it certainly shows Graham's skill.

The second track, 'Out Of My Head' is a slower paced number with Graham leading the way this time. Blake's voice seems to be set further back in the mix of this track, and it certainly sounds like he's sparing nothing from his performance as he stretches his voice, but not to the point where he loses anything from the overall performance.

Graham's guitar solo is another well thought out and well performed one, and just as you're getting into the song it comes to its sudden and unexpected conclusion.


Midway through is 'Eleventeen' with another slow paced number with Pagonis filling the background out using his cymbals to the best effect. Having said that, the guitar riff here is slow, steady and heavy and really becomes the star of the song.

'Feel The Pain', which follows, is by far the slowest and heaviest song of the EP, it shows that sometimes fast isn't always good! The heavy guitar and bass along with Pagonis's thunderous drum beats join in with a superb vocal from Blake.

He takes his time over the lines, some of which seen to have a real touch of menace to them, making this a truly great song, and a real highlight of the EP for me.

'Stronger' brings the EP to an end pretty much the way it started with drums and guitar leading the way. There's no doubt at all that Idlewar have musical skill, and I forsee a very bright future in front of them.

Power trios are a rarity these days and they are certainly the best trio I've heard for a long time. A set of good solid songs and the ability to make the most of their collective pool of skills, this band will go far.

All I want to know now is how does this skill translate in a live situation? I sincerely hope they come over to the UK soon because if their live performances are anything as good as their studio work, then this will make them a must see act on the UK and European festival circuit.

You can hear 'Feel The Pain' here:

'Dig In' Track Listing:
Chunk Of Me
Out Of My Head
Feel The Pain

Idlewar are:
James Blake – Vocals/Bass Guitar
Rick Graham – Guitar
Peter Pagonis – Drums

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