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'On The Outside'
(Pride & Joy Music)
Release date: Friday 26th February 2016

Johnny Main

johnny main

tainted nation

British based rockers Tainted Nation may not yet be household names but in the past they've all been involved with world tours, festivals and recordings at the highest level.

Being part of acts such as Helloween, Firewind, King Diamond, The Poodles, Eden's Curse, Lionsheart and others, the band grouped together in 2010 and released their debut album, 'F.E.A.R' in January 2013.

The album received a warm reception on its release and allowed the band to tour the UK and Europe which included a number of festival dates and a very successful tour of Spain.

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Since then, the band have been buried away in the studio, only emerging now with the release of their second album, titled 'On The Outside' imminent. Parts of the album were recorded in both the historic Gloucestershire town of Tewkesbury and the Swedish capital, Stockholm, where it was produced & mixed by Tainted Nation founding member Pete Newdeck.

The new album is on the whole very good, and kicks off with 'Live And Die' which has Newdeck sounding a bit like Ozzy Osbourne (in the seventies when he could actually sing) on parts of this track whereas at other times his soaring vocals are very impressive on what is a very enjoyable track. The guitar solo is fast furious and technical but also extremely well played which enhances the tracks no end.

Likewise 'Defiance' is another fast paced number with the guitar driving the song until it's all pared back for a somewhat solemn sounding verse featuring just a vocal and piano which comes out of nowhere, but it's not long until the track reverts to type. This slower interlude doesn't lose anything from the track though, and it's another great track.

With 'Fight', you just know the chorus is going to go "fight fight fight" so it's no surprise when it's there in all its fist-pumping glory! The song is a solid enough overall though with drummer Mark Cross really coming across well as he uses the drum kit to the best of his ability. The guitar solo too is very good, if a little on the short side but that's a minor complaint.

Title track 'On The Outside', is a much slower affair that certainly doesn't lack any power. Cross kicks in with a solid beat as the guitar riff swaps from side to side in the speakers before the straightforward vocal. Newdeck puts in another good performance here, helped along the way by a guest appearance from Vega front man Nick Workman. It's the Cross whose actually the star of the show here, as he anchors the song down with the heavy and solid beat.

'Karma' is a fast and furious track from the get go with a great opening guitar riff before Newdeck comes in with the short stabby lyrics. This song sounds like it was a joy to record in the studio and subsequently it's full of life.

tainted nation
The guitar solo mid song is simply astounding and a real cherry on the cake moment. This is properly good stuff from start to finish. 'Going To Hell' is another song that has a great sounding performance from Newdeck who manages to hold onto the long notes in the chorus really well.

The guitar riff drives the surprisingly upbeat number (given the title) onwards, as it culminates in a glorious cornucopia of sound. A real highlight for me.

Norweigina vocalist Isabell Oversveen (probably better known under her stage name of Issa), duets with Newdeck on 'Pulling Me Under' and their voices match perfectly while both vocalists spar as they give their performances everything they've got. The track has enormous power and the guitar solo is out of this world as it latterly takes centre stage.

Closing off the album is 'Back To Earth' which is the closet thing to a ballad on the album – all be it more of a power ballad than a wishy washy acoustic one. From the simple combination of guitar and vocals at the beginning which sets the song up, you're pretty much a minute into the track before the drums creep in along with a full bodied guitar track.

Newdeck puts in a passionate performance while the guitar solo is well thought out and extremely well played. It's safe to say that this is an epic track –in everything except length ( coming in as it does, at a five and a half minutes) but it's a classy way to end an excellent piece of work.

You can see the official video for 'Fight' here:

'On The Outside' Track Listing:
Live And Die
On The Outside
The Stroke
Ordinary Life
Going To Hell
About A Boy
Pulling Me Under
Welcome To War
Back To Earth

Tainted Nation are:
Pete Newdeck – Vocals
Ian Nash – Guitar
Joel Peters – Guitar
Pontus Egberg – Bass Guitar
Mark Cross – Drums

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