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'Live At The Slaughterhouse CD/DVD'
(AFM Records)
Out now

Johnny Main

johnny main


Bristolian quintet Onslaught are a band who were formed in 1983. From the initial line up, only guitarist Nige Rockett remains and he has steered the good ship Onslaught through the good and the band and come out of it with six studio albums and DVD and a couple of live albums, which is good going for any band.

'Live At The Slaughterhouse' is the latest release for the band and it shows that the band put on one helluva show.

This set of two discs was recorded on their 2014 UK tour and specifically over two nights (one at the O2 Academy in Bristol and also at the O2 Academy, Islington) and make for a very enjoyable listen overall.

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The thirteen tracks on the CD cover the whole gamut of the band's career ensuring that at least one track is taken from every studio album. From show closers 'Onslaught (Power From Hell)' and 'Thermonuclear Devastation' which were on their 1985 debut album, 'Power from Hell', right up to the inclusion of 'Chaos Is King', 'Children Of The Sand' and '66 'Fucking' 6' which were all taken from the band's most recent studio effort, 'IV' which came out back in 2013, every song is carefully chosen.

Musically, the band are on fire and as tight as they've ever been, and there no doubt about that as the music comes across hard and heavy but it's also an incredibly clean and well rehearsed sound that they have.

Indeed, without the front cover and liner notes telling you it was recorded at two separate venues, then listening to the CD, I don't think you, as a casual listener, would be able to pick that out because the band are so tight on every performance.

The overall production too, as far as the music is concerned, is great – everything balanced as it should be with one big exception: the audience. The problem I have here is that this is a live album and for the most part, audience really don't feature in the mix very much at all meaning that listening to the CD, you could be forgiven for thinking the band had recorded it live in a studio without an audience present.

Even when front man Sy Keeler says "Come on, let me fucking hear you, London!" during the introduction to 'Rest In Pieces' the audience are there, but they're just about audible.

Not having viewed the DVD, I can't say what it's like visually, unfortunately, but this is a great album featuring a great performance from the band and it's long overdue too.

You can see Onslaught live here:
Friday 8th April – Cafe Liber, Torino
Saturday 9th April – Midian Live, Cremona
Sunday 10th April – Cycle Club, Firenze
Saturday 30th April – Longriver Festival, Zhenjiang
Sunday 1st May – Yugongyishan, Beijing
Monday 2nd May – Starlight Festival, Shijazhuang
Tuesday 3rd May – Pagoda Tree Bar, Huairou
Wednesday 4th May – MAO Livehouse, Kunming
Thursday 5th May – Mort Club, Beijing
Friday 6th May – Vox, Wuchang
Saturday 7th May – SD Live House, Guangzhou
Sunday 8th May – B10, Shenzhen
Monday 9th May – Infernal, Shanghai
Saturday 21st May – Music From Hell Fest, Gilze
Tuesday 14th June – A2, St. Petersburg
Monday 13th June – Yota Space, Moscow

'Live At The Slaughterhouse' CD Track Listing:
The Sound Of Violence
Killing Peace
Chaos Is King
Let There Be Death
Children Of The Sand
Rest In Pieces
66 'Fucking' 6
Destroyer Of Worlds
In Search Of Sanity
Fight With The Beast
Metal Forces
Onslaught (Power From Hell)
Thermonuclear Devastation

DVD Bonus Tracks:
10 minute documentary
'66 'Fucking' 6' Music Video

Onslaught are:
Sy Keeler – Vocals
Nige Rockett – Guitar
Leigh Chambers – Guitar
Jeff Williams – Bass Guitar
Mike Hourihan – Drums

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