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'Momento Mori' EP
(Independent) Out Now

Johnny Main

johnny main


It was back in October 2014 when I first encountered Glaswegian four piece Centrilia when I saw them play a gig in Dundee and the band's short set left me very impressed.

At that point the band had their five track EP, 'You Are In Error' already in circulation, and this disc underpinned for me, how talented the band really are.

Never ones to rush things, the band have taken their time and made sure this new release is the very best it can be before releasing it, and the band s attention to detail has paid off handsomely as they have managed to produce yet another outstanding piece of work

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'Momento Mori' is another five track EP, and it continues the great work that the band have already achieved through the release of 'You Are In Error'.

Kicking things off with 'Tsunami', once you're past the initial fade up drummer Andy Brown counts in the beat of this fast-paced number with a great guitar riff courtesy of David Sandford. Brown's drumming is relentless and he adds in some interesting drum fills to add a bit of texture to his performance but you're a good ninety seconds into the song before the first vocal part breaks.

Parts of the vocals from Gavin Marshall sound softer, an almost dreamlike quality before it quickly reverts to a more aggressive style, both of which are very strong performances.

Likewise, 'Be A Voice Not An Echo' has a slow fade up at the beginning before the drums and guitar blast out. Marshall really puts everything he's got into his performance here, and for me, it's one of his best on the whole EP. Once again Brown punches out a solid drum beat while Sandford's guitar riff underpins the whole track really well.

'The I In Evil' has more of a long mid paced intro with Brown once again coming to the fore with a complex drum beat before settling down into a more straightforward but incredibly powerful groove as the vocals from Marshall finally come in. It's an extremely aggressive vocal, which is accentuated by some other backing vocals.

Having said that, it takes a lot of effort to put this much power and emotion into a song and the whole band, especially Marshall walk away from this having managed to pull it off very well.

A rapid guitar and cymbal intro which is punctuated with a stop start guitar riff throws the listener into 'The Fall', before the track really gets going. There's another very impressive vocal performance from Marshall and Sandford's guitar riff just drags you in, and doesn't let you go easily – truly brilliant stuff. For me, this track is a sure fire favourite and it just gets better and better with every subsequent listen.

EP closer 'Coffins', on the other hand is a much more laid back affair. The simple drums and lyrical guitar along with an almost choral vocal performance leads you through the intro to the first verse. The track manages to maintain a laid back sound but picks up slightly as the song wears on, ending up with a mix of nicely sung vocals alongside a much rawer power.

It's light and shade in terms of performance and creates a stunning end to an exquisite EP.

It proves (should there be any doubt), that there's no lack of ideas in the band and they continue to strive to create something both innovative and entertaining, and it's a pass on both these counts as far as I'm concerned.

'Momento Mori' Track Listing:
Be A Voice, Not An Echo
The I In Evil
The Fall

Centrilia are:
Gavin Marshall – Vocals
David Sandford – Guitar
Gareth Ellis – Bass Guitar
Andy Brown – Drums

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