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'Punks In Amerika'
(RadicLea Records)
Out Now

Johnny Main

johnny main


Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, 'Punks In Amerika' marks the debut release from CrashDollz on RadicLea Records, to whom they signed a deal with late last year. The new album shows this Punky Metal quartet have produced eleven tracks full of pure power and raging attitude with nothing left to chance and everything in place to make this the very best album it can be.

I originally discovered the band back in June last year when their self-titled debut landed on my desk here at MetalTalk and I was instantly impressed by their song writing ability and their musical talent to bring out something different.

My question was whether this Punk Rock quartet would be able to improve on their exciting and self-titled debut. Well, an easy comparison would be 'Novocaine' that's been taken from their debut and re-recorded here. This new version is much better with a great over all sound which shows that producers Scott Lea and Rachel Rekkit (who also plays guitar in the band) know what they're doing, and that the song itself is still a great track with this refresh to its sound.

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Having said that, the newly written tracks still maintain the high quality musicianship set by the previous album, as you'd expect. Album opener 'Hellcat' is a high octane start with vocalist Nikki Darling giving a good vocal performance while Rekkit's guitar riff leads the way. Drummer Rob Brug manages to hold down the steady, and at times complicated, drum beat but everything comes together well just in time for Rekkit's guitar solo to steal the show!

Title track 'Punks In Amerika' keeps a simple vocal refrain during the intro making it a good, catchy number for the start and once the track settles down it turns into a solid track. You can really hear Darling giving her performance everything she's got, and I can imagine this being a truly incendiary performance live.


The fast paced numbers continue with 'Stab The Ground' which thankfully for Darling has a slower midsection allowing her to catch her breath before the solid bass guitar line from Kevin Krank comes to the fore before Rekkit steps forward to steal the show once more with a another spectacular solo. 'Fuck Me Nation' is by far the punkiest sounding number included in the album with Darling really having a go with her anger filled vocal performance. You certainly don't need a lyric sheet for the chorus and the fist pumping beat will have the audience joining along at gigs I'm sure.

It's not all fast numbers, though, as the band demonstrate with 'Murder A Go-Go' which is a slower paced number. Despite this, Darling still manages to give another great performance with her vocals tinged with menace and anger. It's certainly a stand out track as far as I'm concerned as the simple drums underpin the guitar riff which itself melds seamlessly into an intricate and well played guitar solo.

'Getaway Man' is another mid-paced gem here with the guitar riff leading the way whilst Brug once again puts in a strong performance whilst Darling really stretches her voice during the chorus before her nuances change significantly during the later verses, giving this a somewhat unique sound. Not my absolute favourite track here, but certainly up with the best of them.

Overall it's another impressive album from the four piece band and If you've not yet checked out the band then I highly recommend that you start with the 'Punks In Amerika' album.

'Punks In Amerika' Tracklisting:
Punks In America
Scumbag Superstar
Murder A G0 - Go
Stab The Ground
Getaway Man
Fuck Me Nation
Smack My Bitch Up
Blowpop Destruction

Crashdollz are:
Nikki Darling – Vocals
Rachel Rekkit – Guitar
Kevin Krank – Bass Guitar
Rob Brug – Drums

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