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'Mammoth Bloody Mammoth'
(Napalm Records)
Out Now

Johnny Main

johnny main

mammoth mammoth

Mammoth Mammoth are a hard rock/stoner rock band hailing from Australia that were originally formed by guitarist Ben Couzens and bass player Gareth Sweet in 2007. Couzens and drummer Frank Trobbiani had already worked together in a band called Furious Dragon Love and Trobbiani jumped at the chance to join the fledgling outfit when he got the call to join the band.

The addition of front man Mikey Tucker who had previously fronted Black Fang was recruited to fill the vocalist role after finding himself without a band after Black Fang split up.

With the line up settled, the Melbourne quartet wasted no time in getting their music out there with the release of their self-titled debut EP in June 2008 through their own label, Golden Triangle. They created a video for the track 'Weapon Of Mass Self-Destruction' which was subsequently banned from YouTube because of its explicit images of vintage 1970s vintage pornography. In a simple response, the band instead posted it on pornography site, where it has since been viewed millions of times.

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This EP was followed in August 2009 by their first full-length album titled 'Volume II: Mammoth'. The band took some time out to tour on their own as well as supporting Aussie rock band, Airbourne in the intervening years. During this time Sweet left the band and after a thorough search Pete Bell was installed as the new bass player.

With the line up solidified once again, the band set to work on their third release, creating a basic outline for the album over a continuous, three-day jamming session. The resultant release 'Volume III' was then recorded the album over a two week session in Melbourne. The album, titled 'Volume III: Hell's Likely' finally saw a release in 2012 by which time the band had come to the attention of Napalm Records, to whom the band subsequently signed a deal with. Straightaway, the band re-released 'Volume III: Hell's Likely' internationally to positive reviews and the band toured Europe throughout 2013 in support of the album.

mammoth mammoth

As 2014 dawned, the band were back at work on their fourth release. Titled 'Volume IV: Hammered Again', the album was released via Naplam Records in March 2015 and again saw the band undertaking a tour of the UK and Europe to support it. Their latest release, 'Mammoth Bloody Mammoth', sees the band return to the EP format with four succinct tracks that demonstrates there's no lack of song-writing ideas out there for them to tackle.

Kicking things off with 'Taste Your Blood' which is a good fairly fast paced track overall. Couzens grinding guitar riff and the solid drums from Trobbiani take president whilst the vocals of front man Mikey Tucker are relegated to the back of the mix, occasionally making them difficult to work out the actual lyrics.

The follow up, 'Drugs' has a much punkier sound to it with Couzens guitar once again being centre of attention. Don't get me wrong though, because Tucker gives a great performance that really stretches his voice and the lyrics leave little space between them for him to draw breath.

You're half way through with 'Kick Out The Jams' and its spoken intro from Tucker before the thundering drums and guitar kick straight in and the tempo immediately picks up. There's another metronomic performance from Trobbiani who may have a lack of flair in the style for this track but he certainly makes up for it in sheer power. Let's not forget too that Couzens performs a great guitar solo, which all adds up to make this song my favourite of the four presented here.

'Dead Sea' brings the EP to a close in atmospheric style. There's a slow build up from guitar and drums before the Tucker's vocals take centre stage in what is by far the slowest number here, but it's just packed with, well, atmosphere! A touch of echo added to Tucker's voice goes a long way here and the wailing guitar from Couzens adds even more depth to the sound.

I was expecting a high powered end to the EP, but this is just the opposite but has the same impact for me - a great way to end an interesting EP. Will I be looking out the bands back catalogue? Yes, after listening to this I'm interested to hear what else the band has to offer. Am I looking forward to their next full length album? Absolutely!

'Mammoth Bloody Mammoth' Tracklisting:
Taste Your Blood
Kick Out The Jams
Dead Sea

Mammoth Mammoth are:
Mikey Tucker – Vocals
Ben Couzens – Guitar
Pete Bell – Bass Guitar
Frank Trobbiani – Drums

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