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'It Came From The Sun'
Release Date: Friday 29th April 2016

Johnny Main

johnny main

dog tired

Dog Tired are a four piece Metal band hailing from Edinburgh and for close to a decade, the band have been intimidating audiences all over Scotland with their own brand of groove metal. Merging the brutality of Lamb of God and Sepultura with the hard hitting swagger of Pantera and Black Label Society, Dog Tired have created a sound that is both relentless and memorable in equal measure.

They released their debut album, 'Dead Head Rebel' back in 2011 and this was followed up by 2013's 'Titan' album that secured their place as one of the best up and coming bands in Scotland. The band's live shows are truly electric with and this has allowed them to share stages with Warbringer, Cauldron, Bonded By Blood and Ravens Creed.

'It Came From The Sun' is the band's third full length album and it shows that the band are continuing their assault on the senses of metal fans across the UK with a wide range of styles all inter-mixed to create the signature Dog Tired sound. Kicking things off is the mellow instrumental tones of 'Reliquus' with its subtle flanged intro that is soon joined some well played acoustic guitar as the track builds.

Some regimental drums provided by Keef Blaikie as the pace picks up and it heads towards it climax which goes straight into 'Storm Of Hammers' with its beefy rhythm guitar sound from Luke James and metronomic drumming during the intro leave you in no doubt about the quality - think Sepultura when they were good (y'know the 'Chaos AD' stuff) and you're on the right tracks. Frontman Chris Thomson puts in an incredible performance here as he deviates from singing to the occasional scream all if which are executed with professionalism and skill.

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'Deverium' is one of the slower paced numbers here with Blaikie's drums leading the way once again. The long instrumental intro runs to around sixty second before the vocals of Thomson cut in but it's populated with some interesting guitar hand showing the skill of James on guitar. Once the opening salvo is negotiatated, though, the tracks seems to meander as it takes as it turns into what seems like a Doom Metal track at times.

Title track 'It Can't From The Sun' is placed in the middle of the album and it's place as the headline track is warranted as it's a supreme display of guitar technique from James and that's only during the intro! It turns into another slower paced number with the long instrumental intro. When the vocals do eventually come in they're much more sparse than some of the other tracks but that not a complaint from me, is nice to see a band mixing it up as opposed to following the normal cycle of verse, chorus, verse, solo. The sparseness of the vocals makes the music the focal point here and demonstrates how skilful the whole band can be.

Don't worry, though, as you get your fair share of faster tempo numbers too. 'Sol Invictus' and 'Maruta' are amongst the best with the latter one of the fastest here. At times it sounds like Thomson's having trouble keeping up with the pace at times but he still manages to get all the right words in the correct places – a great performance from him and Bass player Barry Buchanan gets his moment in the spotlight here too, during the mid-section as his thunderous bass line pops up in there middle of the mix. A real favourite of mine and no mistake.

Album closer 'Spire Of Dissonance' offers something different too and is by far the longest track here. It's a classy end to the album as it starts off with wailing lead guitar and the bass guitar before the drums are slowly introduced along with a subtle piano track. Yep, you heard that right, a piano, but they boys know exactly what they're doing here and it doesn't feel out of place at all. As the track builds you feel that you're listening to an epic number and your not disappointed when it all comes together.

Nothing here is rushed and everything is perfectly placed from the flowing guitar chords to the impressive vocals. A future classic track for the band possibly? I'll put my money on it that it does and if they ever get to play this one live, then it'll be the cornerstone to an already impressive live show.

You can see Dog Tired live here:
Saturday 30th April – Studio 24, Edinburgh (Album Launch Show)

'It Came From The Sun' Track Listing:
Storm Of Hammers
It Came From The Sun
Outpost 31
Sol Invictus
Spire Of Dissonance

Dog Tired are:
Chris Thomson – Vocals
Luke James – Guitar
Barry Buchanan – Bass Guitar
Keef Blaikie – Drums

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