From Ashes To New: 'Day One'
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'Day One'
(Better Noise Records)
Out Now

Johnny Main

johnny main

from ashes to new

From Ashes To New are a dynamic aural antidote to modern life's perpetual grind as they fuse the rock, rap and Metal genres to cater for the broadest of modern palettes. Hailing from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, this sextet first came to prominence in 2015 with the release of their debut EP, 'Downfall'. Tours with Hollywood Undead, Five Finger Death Punch and Papa Roach followed as the fans lapped up the band's exciting live performance in their droves.

'Day One' sees the first full album release from the band, and it seems like they are more than ready to take the world by storm with their own unique brand of music. The album clocks in at around thirty seven minutes and is a cornucopia of styles spread across eleven tracks, that all seem to blend together perfectly to create a great but unique album from the band.

My only issue with the record really is that with three vocalists, you're never really sure who you're listening to! If you take 'Land Of Make Believe' for example, it's a good solid start with clean vocals battling with the guitar and drums in a fairly mid paced number. Keyboards courtesy of Matt Brandyberry fill out the rest of the sound but the main thing is the relentless guitar riff from Branden Kreider that drives the track on.

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'Lost And Alone' isn't a ballad by any means, but it's one of the least harsh of all the songs presented here, certainly at the beginning, with the straightforward guitar riff leading up to the vocals. It still has a sharp edge to it when the drums and guitar kick with the vocalist does a good job until the harsher vocal performance cuts in later on. If you add in the ubiquitous catchy chorus, it turns into a really enjoyable track. If you've not heard the band before and want to test them out with a single track then this is the track if suggest you seek out first.

With 'Through It All' the band take a different turn with Brandyberry keyboard track taking the lead at the top of the song before the harsh vocals take centre stage in another solid performance before the tempo ramps up on the chorus with the addition of the cleaner vocals and guitar join in, as it becomes a wall of sound. Not an absolute favourite of mine, but that's just my personal preference and it's certainly a very solid piece of work overall.

Mid way through on the other hand is 'Face The Day' where the harsh vocals come to the fore once again in this fast paced number. Drummer Tim D'onofrio's work comes to the fore here to with a complex but well played drum track as he uses every piece of kit available to him. The vocals too are a solid mix of harsh and clean sounds whilst the guitar steps up you the plate with a great solo. For me, this is an absolutely top notch number from start to finish, and a real gem.

'Every Second' is the most likely contender for the albums token ballad, and you'd not be far off the mark although "ballad" may be the wrong term to use. It has power and passion but stays remarkably upbeat bearing in mind the downbeat lyrical content. A guitar solo and followed by a rapping section further on changes the tone slightly but it still remains a powerful track.

You can see the official video for 'Through It All' here:

You can see From Ashes To New live here:
Sunday 1st May – Welcome to Rockville, Jacksonville
Monday 2nd May – Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore
Tuesday 3rd May – Upstate Concert Hall, Clifton Park
Wednesday 4th May – Chameleon Club, Lancaster
Friday 6th May – Carolina Rebellion, Concord
Saturday 7th May – The Vogue, Indianapolis
Monday 9th May – Cannery Ballroom, Nashville
Tuesday 10th May – The Intersectino, Grand Rapids
Wednesday 11th May – Ground Zero Nightclub, Traverse City
Sunday 15th May – Northern Invasion, Somerset
Tuesday 17th May – The Machine Shop, Flint
Friday 20th May – Pieres, Fort Wayne
Sunday 22nd May – The Concourse, Knoxville
Tuesday 24th May – Mercury Ballroom, Louisville
Wednesday 25th May – H.O.M.E., Arlington Heights
Friday 27th May – The Blue Note, Columbia
Tuesday 31st May – The Summit Music Hall, Denver

'Day One' Tracklisting:
Land of Make Believe
Farther From Home
Lost And Alone
Through It All
Face The Day
Breaking Now
Every Second
Same Old Story
You Only Die Once

From Ashes To New are:
Matt Brandyberry – Vocals/Keyboards
Chris Musser – Vocals
Branden Kreider - Rhythm Guitar/Unclean Vocals
Tim D'onofrio – Drums

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