The Treatment/The Amorettes: Stereo, Glasgow
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Stereo, Glasgow
Tuesday 10th May 2016

Johnny Main

johnny main

the treatment

The number of young rock bands in the UK grows gradually each year and for those who maintain a solid following and keep at it through the hard times there are huge benefits to reap, whether it's playing alongside well known bands in local shows or grasping at the opportunity to support an already established band on a UK/European tour, while remembering to bring out fresh material to keep their fan base entertained.

Two of the UK's biggest up and coming bands are The Treatment and The Amorettes – both of which have had their fair share of supporting big bands on tours around the UK and Europe, and both also have new albums to plug, so the pairing of these two future superstars for an extensive UK trek is a big draw, and I managed to catch up with them at Stereo in Glasgow.

I've been following The Amorettes' career since 2011 when I stumbled across them supporting LA Guns at a club show in Glasgow. Since then I've seen them live numerous times and every time I see them they just get better and better. With two albums behind them and a third on the verge of being released, this band are a really hot property right now, and are guaranteed to give you a value for money live experience.

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Their set was made up of a choice number of cuts from album number two, 'Game On' which was released in 2014 and a couple of numbers from their 2011 self-released debut, 'Haulin Ass', however those punters expecting a sneak preview of some tracks from their upcoming 'White Hot Heat' album (funded by a Pledge campaign and due to drop at the end of June) may have been left disappointed as the band have embargoed all the new material until the Pledge copies of the album have been released later this month. Still, the band's set list was choc full of classic Amorettes numbers in what must be the tightest performance I've seen from the trio.

Opening with 'Give 'Em Hell', the band meant business from the outset and the pace didn't drop throughout their forty five minute set time. Vocalist Gill Montgomery greeted the Glasgow crowd with enthusiasm and her confidence over the years has grown to the point now where she can have the audience in the palm of her hand. "Let me see your bull horns in the air!" she says before 'Bull By The Horns' and the audience are only too happy to oblige and sing along to the chorus as well.

the treatment

The band looked as though they were having a huge amount of fun onstage with Montgomery and bass player Heather McKay getting up close and personal with the front row throughout their set, whilst powerhouse drummer Hannah McKay kept the beat solid at the back with her metronomic timing. 'Heartbreaker' was thrown out and most of the audience seemed to be more than familiar with it as some clapped along whilst those who were perhaps seeing the band for the first time were happy to nod along with the beat.

"Does anyone have the 'Haulin Ass' album?" enquired Montgomery to a distinctly mixed response showing this gem of an album is still under the radar for some people it seems. 'Too Much Is Never Enough' followed and it seemed like the sound man had decided to ramp up the volume as the song was almost deafening – but it sounded great as Montgomery and Heather McKay did their best to keep the audience entertained and the reception as it's conclusion tells you how well they were doing.

the treatment

Before 'Take Cover' (also taken form their debut album) Montgomery told the audience that a bit of singing is involved, adding "It's very easy - all you need to sing is 'Take Cover'!" before some wag at the front shouted "What key is it in?" to laughter all round.

This may have been the band's first ever single, but it's still a great track and the crowd are happy to sing along at the appropriate sections. The band showed their professionalism as Montgomery suffered from a technical hitch half way through but laughed off the incident as she changed guitar whist the McKay sisters keep things going without dropping a beat.

the treatment

As the set drew to a close, they blasted into 'Son Of A Gun' which was dedicated to headliners The Treatment, during which some idiot with a mullet in the front row unceremoniously shoved a camera in Montgomery's face, showing incredible disrespect to the performer. The band's final number was the classic 'Hot N Heavy' which gives the audience one last sing-along and they did so with gusto.

The song signalled the end of a fantastic set and the trio once again equipped themselves very well. If you've not yet seen The Amorettes live then I recommend you track them down at a gig near you, or failing that if you're heading to Download this year, you can catch them there on the Friday night – you won't regret it, I'm sure.

the treatment

The Amorettes Set List:
Give 'Em Hell
Get What's Coming
Bull By The Horns
Too Much Is Never Enough
Take Cover
Son of a Gun
Shoot From The Hip
Hot and Heavy

The Amorettes are:
Gillian Montgomery – Vocals/Guitar
Heather McKay – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals
Hannah McKay – Drums/Backing Vocals

beer beer beerbeerbeer

By the time the evening's headliners hit the stage, the audience were more than ready to party, even though it was only a Tuesday night! Like The Amorettes before them, The Treatment are also blazing a trail through the UK and Europe with their unique brand of rock music. Overcoming a number of line-up changes over the last few years, the band have weathered well and come out a better and stronger band for it.

Newly installed front man Mitchel Emms seems to have given the band a new impetus and a new lease of life, and never before have I seen such an energetic performance from the band. This tour is built around their latest release, the exceptional 'Generation Me' album, which dominated the set list with some seven cuts, but it just shows how much faith the band have in their new record to be able to do that.

the treatment

As the lights went down there was a surge from the bar as those waiting to be served moved towards the front of the stage instead as the band made their way into position headed by drummer Dhani Mansworth. There was no ceremony as they kicked straight into 'Let It Begin' and the band settled into the pace quickly. Bass player Rick Newman and Emms jostled for position at the front of the stage whilst on either side of them, guitarists Tagore Grey and Tao Grey kept the audience on the periphary entertained.

The band's new album is a stunning piece of work and the songs go down great in a live situation. 'Cry Tough' continued the high energy performance as Emms encouraged audience to sing along and they didn't need asking twice. 'The Devil' with its slow build up to the mid-paced number had those down the front clapping and dancing along while Tagore Grey couldn't hide his delight as he got up close and personal with the front row whilst still firing out the guitar licks with precision.

the treatment

In fact Tagore Grey and Tao Grey both work the crowd really well all evening, especially during 'We Are Beautiful' when they both shared centre stage to the delight of the audience members wedged against the stage who went wild. For me, though, the best of the new material was 'Backseat Heartbeat'. On the album it's a slow tempo number with the addition of some acoustic guitar but live it's a totally different beast. Sure, the tempo is slower than the rest of the set, affording the band the chance to take a backseat (no pun intended!), but it's so much more powerful live with the thundering bass from Newman before Mansworth kicks the track into gear with his powerful drumming.

Of course, the band's previous albums aren't left out in the cold as they filled out the rest of the set. The title track from the previous album, 'Running With The Dogs' got a great reception as Newman and Mansworth moved things along at a fair pace whilst 'I Bleed Rock+Roll' has those at the front headbanging away while Emms paced there stage trying to get the very best from the entire audience and at one stage had the front of that stage all to himself as the rest of the band convene round Mansworth till the guitar solo brought them back to the edge of the stage.

the treatment

Of course it wouldn't be a Treatment gig without hearing 'Drink F*** Fight' and 'Shake The Mountain', both which got a huge response, proving that they will remain in the set for some time to come yet. After the latter, the boys left the stage but were persuaded to come back on by the crowd shouting "One mair tune!" before closing off their set with 'Get The Party On'.

Glasgow clearly loves The Treatment and The Treatment love Glasgow, so I'm sure that the city will be on the bands itinerary next time they're on tour in the UK, but for this tour, the pairing of them along with The Amorettes was a great value for money night out and the packed venue told its own story. If you weren't there, you missed two of the very best young bands currently in the UK at the top of their game.

the treatment

The Treatment Set List:
Let It Begin
Cry Tough
Running With The Dogs
The Devil
I Bleed Rock+Roll
We Are Beautiful
Generation Me
The Doctor
Backseat Heartbeat
Drink, F**k, Fight
Shake The Mountain
Get The Party On

The Treatment are:
Mitchel Emms – Vocals
Tagore Grey – Guitar
Tao Grey – Guitar
Rick Newman – Bass Guitar
Dhani Mansworth – Drums

All photos – (c) Johnny Main 2016

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