Hammercult Pay Fitting Tribute To Motörhead, Slayer And Accept Because Legends Never Die
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'Legends Never Die' or so they say but on 28th December 2015 one of the biggest legends of Rock and Metal did pass away. Ian Fraser Kilmister (aka Lemmy) was a true legend in every sense of the word and his sudden passing hit the hard rock and Metal community hard – everyone knew he had battled illness over the last few years but everyone hoped the inevitable was some way off.

Of course legends never do really die as they live on in memories and in the case of Lemmy in the vast back catalogue of Motörhead tracks as well as numerous DVDs and videos of live concerts over the years. After Lemmy's death, bands all over the world paid tribute to him, often adding 'Ace Of Spades' (arguably Motörhead's most well known number) to live set lists, and it's fitting that Hammercult have given their spin on the classic song here.

The band haven't given any interviews about the release so I can't tell you what prompted it and how the tracks were chosen but for 'Ace Of Spades' they have put their own spin on this classic track speeding up the tempo slightly whilst the track was totally in keeping with the original, which makes for a respectable and respectful cover version.

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There are four more cover versions of the 'Legends Never Die' EP from the 1982 Accept track 'Fast As A Shark' which opens proceedings to the 1983 classic from Slayer, 'Evil Has No Boundaries'. Each track is faithful to the original to an extent but Hammercult still manage to make the track their own.

'Evil Has No Boundaries' is less atmospheric than the original Slayer version but it's nice to see Hammercult choosing a less obvious number. The same goes for the cover of GG Allin's 'No Rules'. Taken from his 1989 compilation album, 'Banned In Boston' it shows that Hammercult's influences are varied and they didn't simply go for the obvious covers when compiling the EP.

As far as the last three numbers go, you have three Hammercult originals – 'Let The Angels Burn' from their 2013 debut album 'Anthems Of The Damned', the title track from the 2014 'Steelcrusher' release and bringing the Hammercult story right up-to-date, 'Rise Of The Hammer' from 2015s 'Built For War'.


For me the standout track has to be 'Rise Of The Hammer', which illustrates just how good the band are now, three albums into their career. The track has an almost classical music feel to it which absolutely sets you up for the brutality and heaviness of the following song. Drummer Maayan Henik sets out an astonishing beat whist the vocals from Yakir Shochat come through clear and strong. Add in the fist punching chorus section that sounds like a classic Hammercult track in the making.

This EP serves as a stop-gap for the band while they prepare for album number four and the next album will surely secure their place as one of the best up and coming thrash Metal bands around. Who knows, in twenty years or so other bands might be covering Hammercult tracks.

You can see Hammercult live here:
Monday 3rd October – Magnapop (Metal Meeting II), Krefeld

'Legends Never Die' Tracklisting:
Fast As A Shark
Ace Of Spades
Soldiers Of Hell
No Rules
Evil Has No Boundaries
Rise Of The Hammer
Let The Angels Burn

Hammercult are:
Yakir Shochat – Vocals
Guy Ben David – Guitars
Arie Arvanovich – Guitars
Elad Manor – Bass Guitar
Maayan Henik – Drums

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