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"This album is certainly the darkest album I've ever recorded", says Bloody Hammers mainman Anders Manga, who stays on the dark path to the Nether World as he opens up the seven gates with this new release, 'Lovely Sort Of Death'.

Hailing from the mountains of Transylvania County, North Carolina (no, really!), this Gothic inspired project was originally conceived in 2012 as a studio only project with Manga writing, producing and recording all instruments himself, however the plans changed. Manga decided to take the project out of the studio and for that he needed help. It's at this point that his wife, Devallia, enters the story as she took over keyboards for the live shows along with a hotchpotch of other local musicians.

By 2013 they had attracted the attention of Napalm Records, with whom the band released their first full length album, 'Under Satan's Sun' the following year. Since the release of the debut album, Manga has been working away on the follow up which has just been released, again on Napalm Records, but this second album has a much darker and atmospheric feel to it than the previous opus.

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'Bloodletting On The Kiss' is an ideal track to start with its atmospheric Gothy feel enveloping the listener with the keyboard heavy background and the merest touches of piano sprinkled around as the track slowly builds and builds into a song that wouldn't be out of place on a Sisters Of Mercy record.

'Lights Come Alive' has a more upbeat sound to it with Manga's gloriously powerful vocals going from his deep tones to higher pitched ones during the choruses. All the time there, there's the bass guitar underpinning the whole track in a masterful way.

Talking of bass lines, 'Messalina' has that classic Goth inspired thundering bass line introducing the track as the simple drums join in as this mid paced number settles down. It's an outstanding track which really comes to life in the chorus as the guitar comes in and the vocals get louder. Manga puts in another really good vocal performance here making this an early favourite of mine.

bloody hammers

Whilst 'Stoke The Fire' is one of the faster paced numbers, the keyboard once again underpins everything. Like 'Bloodletting On The Kiss' before it, this track also wouldn't be out of place on a Sisters album whereas 'Ether' on the other hand has a touch of early Black Sabbath about it. The slow almost doom Metal pace is led by the guitar whilst the drums are simple but heavy throughout. Another top track for me, it's one that has been on repeat here at MetalTalk Towers and I've still not tired of it.

Another favourite of mine is 'Astral Traveller' which picks up the pace once again. A solid foot tapper of a tune, it has a great easy to remember chorus in what could very well be a future classic for the band. Album closer 'Catastrophe' is a slower number once again with Manga giving his subtlest performance of the record at the beginning.

As the main instrumentation kicks in and the tempo picks up, the full power of the song is unleashed. A terrific track from start to finish and a great end to a good solid album. If you've got any Goth in you at all then this album should definitely be on your shopping list.

Bloodletting On The Kiss
Lights Come Alive
The Reaper
Infinite Gaze To The
Stoke The Fire
Shadows Out Of Time
Astral Traveller

Bloody Hammers are:
Anders Manga – Vocals/Guitars/Bass Guitar
Devallia – Keyboards/Bass Guitar

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