Dead Daisies Make Some Noise In Glasgow While The Answer Are Spectacular
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The Answer/Dead Daisies/Jackaman: The Classic Grand, Glasgow
Sunday 13th November 2016

johnny main
Words: Johnny Main, Pictures: Carlan Braid

dead daisies

This tour has been playing havoc with door opening times and stage times so much that social media is awash with complaints of missing opening acts and unhappy punters that weren't able to have meet and greets after the show due to logistics. The whole tour is very in your face, using small venues that are often packed to capacity, such is the draw of both The Answer and The Dead Daisies. Being a co-headlining tour too, the final band rotates every night so it's pot luck which band closes the show on your night.

As we entered the Classic Grand it's clear straight away that it's an older audience with a bunch of ubiquitous Kiss Kruisers (where The Dead Daisies played less than a week ago) as well as local celebrity, ex-The Sensational Alex Harvey Band bassist Chris Glen and local heroes Mason Hill all in the packed venue which opened its doors very early due to the club night later on, meaning that punters were still arriving as opening act Lynne Jackaman was finishing up her set.

For those who missed her set, it's a real shame as Jackaman has a lovely voice and a cheerful onstage demeanour too, whilst her guitarist played an understated acoustic guitar. She's slowly but surely building her following, and if you get the chance to check them out they come highly recommended by the MetalTalk Team.

dead daisies

A quick changeover and the house lights dimmed as The Dead Daisies took to the stage to thunderous applause, showing they were very much the attraction here as the venue was full to bursting point. A small venue like this isn't ideal as you're so tightly packed in when it's sold out, as was proved by a plea from the stage for the audience to move forwards and let those stranded on the staircases move down on to the hall floor – something that went largely unheeded by the audience who just wanted to rock out, wherever they could get a good vantage point.

On tour to plug their recently released 'Make Some Noise' album, the band tore through their set showing off the best of the new album with opening number 'Long Way To Go', 'Mainline' and the title track, of course, which had the audience shouting rather than singing along. Of course, their two previous albums weren't ignored with tracks like 'Mexico' and 'Lock 'n' Load' raising the roof before a couple of choice covers, 'Midnight Moses' which was originally performed by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band and The Beatles 'Helter Skelter', closed the set off.

dead daisies

There's no doubt what an electrifying performer John Corabi is, and to see him on such a small stage was a real treat indeed, although at times he did look slightly uncomfortable as he tried to find space for himself to perform as he's used to doing. At the end of the day though, this is one seriously talented bunch of guys just having a ball playing live, and the fact they write really great songs is surely a bonus.

Their relaxed attitude to performance is evident – I just think a bigger stage and a longer set time would have been better all round, so let's hope they manage to schedule in a return visit to the UK next year and upscale their choice of venues.

dead daisies

Another quick changeover and it was The Answer's chance to shine brightly, though they had a bit of a task following The Dead Daisies' set. I've not seen The Answer since 2009 when they opened for AC/DC and at a subsequent headlining show and they always seemed a bit disappointing back then. The material was good enough but I never felt that I 'got' the band, and I wasn't the only one it seems. Still, fast forward seven years and they are still successfully holding their own and it provided a chance to reassess them.

The recent release of the 'Solas' album, which is easily The Answer's strongest work to date, has been met with almost universal praise and such is the belief of the band in the work that they devote over sixty percent of their current set list to the new album, incorporating a hefty nine new tracks, leaving space for only a handful of older songs to fill out the rest of the set.

dead daisies

Of the new songs, the opening salvo of the title track and 'Beautiful World' are a tough combination to beat but the inclusion of 'Battle Cry' as a show closer makes you think this retains that position for some time to come. 'New Horizon', the title track of their 2013 album, and 'Demon Eyes', from 2009s 'Everyday Demons', highlight the best of the older material and are given warm receptions, but the new material is so strong that it's simply staggering.

The Answer had a big task up against The Dead Daisies and in a battle of frontmen between John Corabi and Cormac Neeson, the latter will always come out second best, but he's certainly become a stronger and more engaging frontman since I last saw the band. The Answer have delivered a career defining album with 'Solas', and their performances of these new songs are without a doubt faultless so it's only by the smallest margin that they're pipped at the post for best band of the night. On any other night with almost any other band, they would have undoubtedly walked away with the title.

dead daisies

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Dead Daisies Setlist:
Long Way To Go
Make Some Noise
Song And A Prayer
Fortunate Son
Lock 'n' Load
Something I Said
The Last Time I Saw The Sun
With You And I
Join Together
Midnight Moses
Helter Skelter

The Answer Setlist:
Beautiful World
New Horizon
Demon Driven Man
Waste Your Tears
Untrue Colour
In This Land
Thief Of Light
Nowhere Freeway
Demon Eyes
Being Begotten
Battle Cry

The Dead Daisies are:
John Corabi – Lead Vocals
Doug Aldrich - Lead Guitar
David Lowy – Rhythm Guitar
Marco Mendoza – Bass Guitar
Brian Tichy – Drums

The Answer are:
Cormac Neeson – Vocals
Paul Mahon – Guitar
Michael Waters – Bass Guitar
James Heatley – Drums



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