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'Under The Deep'
(Hellstorm Recordz)
Out now

jools green

Jools Green


[Evertrapped] are a Canadian Melodic Death Metal five piece, whose name is intentionally written with enclosed brackets to "signify the trappings of modern life for all of us and how people, despite their best attempts to break out of the mould are still affixed to a simple controlled existence and futility."

Their third album, 'Under the Deep' "is an exploration of the deepest reaches of human madness. Not clinical madness, but simply the darkest regions of the soul and the blackest part of the human heart from a mind found to be socially functional, but is really way too far gone.

"And thus it seeks to explore what is underneath the deepest depth, hence no matter how deep you descend there's always another layer that can be torn away."

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The ten track offering which spans an unrelenting fifty three minutes, is an intense and at times brutal offering of technical edged Melodic Death Metal, so draw all your needed breath during the two minute intro, intriguingly titled '[...] ' because that moment of haunting "Oooo's" and military drum beats that build with punchy riffs and end on frantic screams will be your only chance - from here in it's a full on assault.

'Under the Deep', is very much an in house effort with the production done by the whole band and the mixing and mastering done by rhythm and lead guitarist Frederick Dupuis who has also written all the songs.

The lyrics were laid down by vocalist James Brookes, who has a good vocal range that varies between a vitriolic hiss and a deeper growl that is well inflected and intonated. Although this album is an intense offering, it is made very listenable by well placed chunks of melody and lead work throughout, to break up the intensity of the tight punchy riffing.

The standout tracks for me across this release were the brutally hypnotic 'Arise From The Ashes'; 'Underneath The Deep', a well punctuated offering with lots of melody and generous chunks of lead work running over the over punchy riffing; 'Palace Of Injustice' which has quite a surprising yet subtle blackened feel in a couple of places which I really liked.

Also 'Blood Of The Fallen ', intense and punchy but with a good flow in the haunting melodic sections which added an appealing balance and contrast along with superb closing lead work, and 'Burning Through Vengeance' which grabs your attention from the beginning with the eerie spoken intro, the fast punchy riffing, broken with an equally eerie melody.

Completing the package is the superbly sinister, cover artwork which is very fitting for the material within and was created, along with the photography for the album, by Philip Faith.

'Under the Deep' is an album that should appeal to fans of bands like Unearth, Whitechapel or Lamb of God.

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