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'Creatio Cosmicam Bestiae'
(Godz Ov War Productions/Third Eye Temple)

Out now

jools green

Jools Green


Although around for the best part of twenty five years, Polish Stellar Ambient Metal outfit 'Mussorgski' may have slipped under your radar, especially considering the extended hiatus that was taken, after the release of their debut album,1995's 'In Harmony with the Universe'.

Hopefully this will change with this latest, third full length release, 'Creatio Cosmicam Bestiae' the follow up to the post hiatus album 'Chaos and Paranormal Divinity' in 2011 after the project was revived by band mastermind Khorzon from the Polish Black Metal band Arkona back in 2009, and now as a solo project for this release.

The album is eight cosmic offerings, far removed from the ambient but very raw blackened sound of that first album 'In Harmony with the Universe' with a much more complete feel, particularly to the ambient aspect which now has a well orchestrated and defined feel to the sound. The overall track construction is well considered and much more developed on this release also.

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The tracks all build off a dark ambient core beginning with 'Gaaya - The Planet of the Dead' which has a haunting symphonic build that becomes the bleak backbone of the track, balanced against a rasping harsh vocal delivery, dark moody repeat riffing and a distorted deep spoken segment.

'God Is in the Neurons' has a more of a sonic feel to keyboards balanced against deep echoing spoken lyrics and sombre deliberate drum rhythms which gather pace as the track progresses, with rasping harsh singing in second half as the elements pull together.

There are two instrumental interludes, not that you need a break from any aural onslaught, and these are all easy on the ear, thought provoking and quite meditative offerings. It's good to have longer instrumental passages to reflect upon, the first, the hugely atmospheric 'Stellar Core' with its haunting keyboard repeat and in the second half of the album 'Inverted Aeon', a haunting blend of atmospheric keyboard work and single drum beats.


'Sabbathum in Perpetuum' stands out with its spoken female style vocals which contrast against the sinister spoken distorted deep male vocals, all alongside a keyboard-led rolling repeat and haunting ritualistic chanting.

The hypnotic 'Key to the Universe' has a deep, distorted, spoken repeat; "Words are the key to the Universe", that's powerfully effective, alongside rasping vocals and which sticks in your mind, all set over a core of low haunting noise, the hypnotic quality emphasised by slow deliberate drumbeats, building more atmosphere to the close with choral backing vocals.

I particularly enjoyed 'Implanted Consciousness' with its addictive, hypnotic, sonic groove balanced against deep, spoken, distorted lyrics. Final track 'Paradisum' punctuates a beautiful, dark, haunting melody which subtly lies in the background with dirty distorted guitars and a mix of tortuous and rasping harsh vocal deliveries along with more spoken elements and chorals.

The overall mood created is powerful, haunting and engaging. Creatio Cosmicam Bestiae' is a deeply reflective piece of musical art.

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